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Best Texas Electricity Plans When You Work From Home

Written By: Shannon Bedrich

Do you now work from home now due to the Coronavirus quarantine? Get ready to receive a higher electricity bill. According to industry experts, you can expect an 8% increase in your electricity bill due to working from home, school being cancelled and more dining at home.

And if you continue to work from home in the coming months? You’ll be facing a electricity bill.

So here’s how to find the best electricity plan when you work from home.

How to Find the Best Texas Electricity Plan For Work From Home

To find the best electricity plan when you work from home, consider these factors and how they impact your electricity usage:

  • What time of day are you working?
  • How much has your time at home increased?
  • How many people are in the house daily?

Take a look at your recent electricity bill and think about an 8-15% increase in your monthly kilowatt hours.

Then enter the number of kilowatt hours into the electricity bill calculator. You’ll find this in the Advanced Search area of our Texas Electricity Plans page.

When you use this tool, you can easily find the best electricity price per kWh based on your actual usage. Plus you’ll see your estimated electricity bill for each rate plan. This makes it easy for you to find the cheapest electricity plan for you.

Shop Best Fixed Rate Electricity Plans for Working from Home

5 Best Electricity Plans When You Work From Home

These are our top recommendations for electricity plans if you have to work from home during the COVID-19 Coronavirus quarantine.

We review our plan recommendations on a regular basis and update this page as rates change. Share this page with friends and bookmark it so you always see our current list of best electricity plans.

Best Fixed Rate Electricity Plan

The best Texas electricity plan for a fixed rate is Champion Energy Champ Saver 24. It’s a low cost 2 year fixed rate plan. Plus you’ll get a coupon for $50 worth of LED bulbs and a $50 smart thermostat rebate. Champion Energy also offers a 36 month version of this plan with $100 worth of LED bulbs.

Best Electricity Plan for Usage 500 – 1000 kWh

Do you use between 500 and 1000 kWh a month, and don’t often exceed 1000 kWh? Here are the best electricity plans for low monthly kWh usage patterns. Average rates below are shown at 1000 kWh.

Best Low Monthly kWh Usage Electricity Plans – Oncor Utility

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Chariot Energy Solarize 6 6 13.7 ¢
OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 19 19 13.8 ¢
OhmConnect Energy Connect and Save 36 36 13.8 ¢
OhmConnect Energy Connect and Save 24 24 14.0 ¢
OhmConnect Energy Connect and Save 12 12 14.3 ¢

Best Electricity Plan for Usage 1800+ kWh

If you consistently use 1800 kWh or more in a month, you need a plan for high usage customers. Our recommendation, especially if you work from home, is a basic, straight-forward priced electricity plan. Average rates shown are for 2000 kWh.

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Chariot Energy Solarize 6 6 13.5 ¢
OhmConnect Energy Connect and Save 36 36 13.6 ¢
OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 19 19 13.6 ¢
OhmConnect Energy Connect and Save 24 24 13.8 ¢
OhmConnect Energy Connect and Save 12 12 14.1 ¢

Best Renewable Energy Green Plan for Work from Home

Rhythm offers very competitive green energy plans with 100% Wind. They also have a satisfaction guarantee and will let you pick your bill due date.

Best No Deposit Electricity Plan for Work at Home

If you want a no deposit electricity plan, you may want to try a prepaid electricity plan. It’s a fixed rate prepaid electricity plan. You can have your power turned on for just $40 to start. And 100% of that prepayment goes toward your future electricity usage.

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Payless Power Payless Power 6 Month – Prepaid 6 17.9 ¢
Payless Power Payless Power 12 Month – Prepaid 12 18.4 ¢

Shop Electricity Plans by Zip and Usage

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Working from Home: Tips on productivity.

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Free Nights & Weekends When You Work From Home

If you work from home now due to the Coronavirus quarantine, and you have a free nights or free weekends plan, we advise you sit down before you open this month’s bill.

Now that you work from home and the kids are home all day, your usage pattern — the time of day and day of week you use electricity — has changed dramatically. It may be time to rethink your electricity plan.

A free nights and weekends plan gives you free electricity at certain times. And it’s a great deal when you have a predictable schedule and usage pattern.

However, your electricity rate at the non-free time is much higher than with a fixed price electricity plan. And that spells trouble for your electricity bill now that your usage has changed.

If you are on a free nights and weekend plan and you now work from home, call your supplier. Ask if you can change to a fixed rate plan.

And if they will charge you an early termination fee to switch to a new plan? Start shopping. It may make sense to pay an early termination fee and switch to a fixed rate plan with another provider.

If you are a first responder or someone who can’t work from home, free nights and weekends may still work for you. For a free nights plan, we recommend Pulse Power Free Nights 12 . If free weekends is better for you, we recommend Champion Energy Free Weekends 12. Both plans offer a competitive electricity rate.

About Shannon Bedrich

Shannon Bedrich, co-founded ElectricityPlans in 2016 after shopping for electricity rates using a confusing state-sponsored website. A CPA and our CFO, Shannon is the one that deciphers the fine print on each electricity plan. Outside of work, Shannon enjoys spending time with family, rooting for the Aggies, and exploring all that Houston has to offer.

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