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Energize Your Education College Scholarship

At ElectricityPlans.com, we help you Power Your Life. Education is an important part of life. It gives us knowledge of the world around us. It helps us develop our life’s perspective. And, it helps build future success.

That’s why ElectricityPlans.com offers the Energize Your Education Scholarship.

This scholarship rewards a deserving high school senior for using their energy to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Winner of the 2022 Energize Your Education College Scholarship

The winner of the 2022 Energize Your Education College Scholarship is Ms. Emma Wallace of Friendswood Texas.

Emma is a 5.3 GPA student at Clear Springs High School and will study civil engineering at the Texas A&M University in the fall of 2022. Emma’s winning essay is below.

When you ask me how I brought my positive energy into the community, I’ll tell you that I planted a tree.

I have lived in the League City area all my life. Growing up, I rode down the streets of old League City which were lined with beautiful, full-grown, live oak trees. In the entry of my house, a picture hangs of me and my parents when I was just a little girl. The picture features the three of us holding hands and smiling in old League City under the majestic oak trees. This is my favorite picture as it reminds me of the girl I once was and allows me to think of who I have become and what I may become.

But last winter, a freeze hit the city caused many of the live oaks to die. I wanted to help put them all back. This past summer, I teamed up with other students to work on a service project together.  Our group decided to plant trees to beautify the city just as it was before.

Working with the League City Historical Society, local nurseries, and garden centers, we were able to put our vision in place. With a little persuasion and some hard work, we planted trees in empty yards of historical homes in League City. We then registered the trees with the League City Historical Society, dedicating them to citizens that have served our community. Future generations will be energized by the natural beauty and shade of the oaks we planted.

There is something about planting a tree that helps you reflect on the future. It energizes me to think these trees are a little like me. They are small but full of potential. With some care and favorable conditions, they will flourish into grand oaks that will beautify the environment for generations to come.  As a young woman pursuing an education in Civil Engineering, I see myself in those trees.

Just like the trees, I am a full of opportunity, able to learn and grow, and have the potential to beautify and energize my environment.  My plan is to pursue a career in a field dominated with people unlike me.  I hope to plant my own seeds. I hope to make positive changes within the field, changes that will be appreciated by others. And I hope to leave a legacy that may even be able to influence a future generation.

The “Energize Your Education” College Scholarship 2023

Here at ElectricityPlans.com we make a positive difference for our customers’ lives by helping them save money on their electricity bill.

Are you a high school senior in Texas attending college in the fall of 2023 or spring of 2024? Then we want to know what positive difference you make in your community!

The Energize Your Education Scholarship rewards your positive energy. Let us know how you use your positive energy in the community to make a difference in the lives of others. You could win a $500 scholarship towards your college education.

Scholarship Requirements

  • High school senior, planning to attend an accredited two- or four-year college degree program in Fall 2023 or Spring 2024.
  • Minimum of a 3.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Resident of Texas, Ohio, or Connecticut

Application Process

Complete the online application, including your essay answering this question:

Electricity powers your life. That’s one kind of energy, but not the only kind. How do you bring your positive energy into the community to make a difference in the lives of others?

Scholarship Application Deadline

2023 Scholarship applications: February 1 – May 1 2023

Scholarship Notification Date

Scholarship winner will be notified by May 20, 2023

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