Moving to Texas Memes

Is everyone moving to Texas? Sure seems like it sometimes. It’s one of the hottest relocation states in the country.

That must be why “moving to Texas” memes are popping up all over.  Here are some of our favorites, plus some on Texas-isms you need to know.

First up, traveling the highways. Buc-ee’s gas stations will become a favorite landmark once you have moved to Texas.  As one Twitter post put it, “It’s huge and the bathrooms are legit and there’s also a beaver.”Bucees meme left exit 12 off ramp

But once you move to Texas, you get it.
sam houston quote on texas

You will find that people in Texas tend to think that everything is bigger here.

map of texas from space showing how big it is
Source: @texasmemes

Like our hair. Once you move to Texas, you may need a new hairstyle.

texas meme big texas hair don't care from
photo source: Texas Monthly Magazine

When it comes down to it, Texans are just proud of being Texans.texans love texas

Now, we’ll warn you. It does get hot in Texas. (Psst, these aren’t fans, they are wind turbines.) Renewable energy from wind and solar is expected to generate 35% of Texas power in 2021.texas meme showing wind turbines as fans so hot

Once you move to Texas, don’t forget to get your Texas Drivers License and Texas car registration. big trucks in Texas with smaller car parked between them

When you move to Texas, you’ll learn salt margaritas, not sidewalks…picture of margarita with texas saying meme

You’ll discover that chips and queso (cheese dip) become a meal, and the center of your happiness.sign says happiness is spelled queso in texas meme

And you’ll find out Texans make pie out of Fritos and chili.frito pie recipe texas meme

We love our dessert too and consider Blue Bell ice cream a Texas treasure.Blue belle ice cream picture Texas meme

In fact, the official Texas food pyramid includes Pecan Pie, Blue Bell ice cream and steak. When you move to Texas, we hope you come hungry.texas meme texas food pyramid with pecan pie bbq chicken fried steak

When you move to Texas, you’ll also develop a new, very important relationship. Feel free to change your relationship status on Facebook.Yes, it’s hot in Texas. Hottest months are July and August, but don’t rule out a September heat wave.picture of dancing dog celebrating fall in texas meme

When you move to Texas you may want to update your relationship status on Facebook. facebook relationship with air conditioner texas meme

But once you move to Texas you get used to the heat. And you will delight in those beautiful spring days.sound of music texas meme celebrating good weather

We try not to brag on our amazing winter weather in Texas, but sometimes we can’t help it.texas meme with picture of snow and texas bbq

While we’re on the subject of BBQ… Texans love their BBQ.texas meat meme photo showing mixed barbeque

And one more about how HOT it gets in Texas. Basically, there’s summer, spring-summer, winter-summer and fall-summer. All the more reason to shop for an electricity plan with a great rate.

texas meme about texas not having winter

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