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Moving to Texas? How to Set Up Electricity

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich
  • Moving to Texas? A lot of people are. It’s the number two destination for moves in the country. Use this guide to understand how to set up electricity for your new Texas home.

    What Doesn’t Tell You About Moving to Texas

    The official state of Texas moving site is a great resource when moving to Texas.

    This site gives you all the key information on how to get a Texas driver license, how to register your vehicle, how to find a licensed mover and how to locate your child’s new school.

    But it fails to mention something that’s 100% different in Texas. Shopping for electricity.

    Approximately 87% of Texans live in an area where electricity is deregulated. You can’t set up electricity through the local utility. You have to choose an electricity provider to start your new electricity service.

    And that’s what the rest of this article is all about – how to set up electricity in your new home in Texas.

    Moving to Texas: Start Electricity Service in New Home

    If you move to an area of Texas with deregulated electricity, like Houston, Dallas or Corpus Christi, you have your choice of over 40 different electricity providers.

    Do I have Texas electric choice in my new home?

    First, you need to identify if your home has electric choice.

    You can find what electric company serves your address by using our ESID Lookup Tool. The ESID is the electricity service identifier unique to your address. Enter your address and we’ll tell you your local utility company and show you electricity offers for your home.

    This map shows areas of Texas that are regulated vs. deregulated and is a good place to start.

    map showing areas of texas where electricity is regulated and deregulated

    How do I set up electricity service when I move to Texas?

    Starting electricity service in Texas is actually quite easy when you use the right tool, like ElectricityPlans.

    1. Enter your zip code to see available plans in your area.
    2. If you know your new home’s average monthly usage, enter that information to see your estimated price per kWh and monthly bill for every plan. If not? Select 500 kWh/month for a small apartment, 1000 kWh/month for an medium home or large apartment, and 2000 kWh/month for a large home.
    3. Use the Advanced Search function to select Basic Electricity and sort by Price: Low to High
    4. Select the Retail Electricity Provider with the cheapest electricity rate for your home!
    5. During enrollment, select “Start Service in a New Home.” Then select your start date for electricity service.

    Tip: We always recommend no gimmicks fixed rate electricity plans. In our Advanced Search, you’ll find these called “Basic Electricity.” No bill credits, no tiered rates, no free electricity. Just the same price for every kilowatt hour of energy, no matter how much you use.

    What information do I need to set up electricity in Texas?

    When you sign up for electricity for your new home in Texas you’ll need the following:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Move-in date (start date)
    • Date of Birth
    • Social Security Number or Driver’s License (depending on the REP)

    If you are renting, your landlord may require proof that utilities have been set up in your name before you can get the keys to your new place. Your REP will email you a confirmation of your enrollment. Just print that off or screen shot it to show your landlord on move-in day.

    Moving to Texas? Shop Electricity Rates by Zip Code

    Here’s a quick and easy video showing you how to shop for electricity when you’re moving to Texas.

    Moving to Texas FAQs

    Check out “Moving To Texas Reddit” and you’ll see all sorts of information about the topic, both good and bad! Below, we gathered answers to some of the most common questions on Reddit moving to Texas.

    How much does electricity cost per month in Texas?

    The average home in Texas uses 1300 kWh per month. And electricity rates change constantly.

    If you want an accurate bill estimate for your new home, these rates are refreshed daily. That will give you an accurate estimate for your new home’s electricity bill.

    • Average electricity rate in AEP Texas Central: 17.81¢ per kWh
    • Average electricity rate in AEP Texas North: 18.95¢ per kWh
    • Average electricity rate in CenterPoint Energy: 17.30¢ per kWh
    • Average electricity rate in Lubbock Power & Light: 19.61¢ per kWh
    • Average electricity rate in Oncor: 17.43¢ per kWh
    • Average electricity rate in TNMP: 18.78¢ per kWh

    But what if your home is larger than the average 1800 square foot Texas home?

    Enter your zip code, then enter your estimated monthly usage. ElectricityPlans will automatically show the estimated monthly electric bill for your new home, based on available rates.

    If you are moving into a new home, your realtor can request copies of the current owner’s electricity usage. And if you are moving into a apartment, the office manager can tell you the average usage based on the number of bedrooms in your unit.

    Does Texas electricity require a deposit for new service?

    When you enroll for new service, your electricity provider they will run a “soft hit” credit check.

    You will need a minimum of 600 on your credit score to avoid paying a deposit. Some electricity companies even have a higher minimum.

    The deposit for electricity is 1/6 of your estimated bill, or 2 months worth of electricity bills. That means most electricity companies charge $300-$400 for your deposit.

    There are alternatives to paying a deposit.

    For example, you can provide a copy of your payment history from your old utility company showing not more than 1 late payment in the prior 12 months. Or, shop for a no-deposit electricity plan.

    Are there specific electricity companies for apartments in Texas?

    Apartment renters don’t have to pick a specific electricity company for their apartment. You can select from any plan and any provider offering service. But there are some things you should know about apartment electricity in Texas, answered on our page on that topic.

    Does my electricity contract term need to match my lease?

    No, your electricity contract term does not need to match your lease.

    Most people sign a 1 year lease. But feel free to pick the cheapest electricity rate you can find, even if it’s a 2 or 3 year contract.

    That’s because under Texas law, your electricity company can’t charge you an early termination fee when you move. Just provide them with notice that you are moving out, and a forwarding address for your last bill. That’s it.

    Here’s more about moving before your electricity contract expires.

    Can I get same day electricity when moving to Texas?

    Yes, you can get your electricity service turned on the same day as your move. Or you can set it up 60 days in advance. Just pick your move-in date when you enroll.

    The cut-off time for same day electricity in Texas varies by provider. Check our resource for same day electricity in Texas. You’ll find a list of providers, phone numbers and the cut-off time for same day electricity.

    Shop Electricity Rates for Your New Texas Home

    Moving to Texas – Additional Resources

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