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PlanScan – A Personal Electricity Shopping Service (2021 Update)

Overwhelmed by electricity plan choices? Feel like you might as well be throwing darts at a dartboard to pick your next electricity plan? We understand completely. is provides a free personal electricity shopping service for Texas residential electricity customers called PlanScan. With PlanScan, you can take the guesswork out of shopping for your next electricity plan.

How PlanScan works

We take your electricity plan information, run it through our electricity plan algorithm, and calculate the best choices based on the options you specify.

No guesswork, no surprises, and best of all you get the reassurance that you have found a great electricity plan from a quality provider.

To get started, simply send us a little information about your usage and your preferences.

We’ll analyze your data using PlanScan, our proprietary tool to match your requirements to our database of hundreds of plans and rates from the top electricity providers.

We will identify the best electricity plans that meet your needs and potentially save you money.

And then you click to sign up. Easy.

To get started we need a little information about you, your electricity plan preferences like desired contract length and plan features, and some energy usage information.

If you upload a copy of a recent electric bill, we will also calculate the equivalent bill for the plans that we select for you.

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What to Expect from PlanScan Electricity Shopping Service

You’ll get an email with your PlanScan results the same business day if you complete the PlanScan by 3pm central.

That email will include a link to a private, customized web page showing our analysis. Once you review the analysis, you can choose your favorite recommended electricity plan and sign up at your convenience.

Unlike other electricity shopping subscription services or electricity concierge services, there’s never a fee to use PlanScan. Think of us as the Good Fairy in a world of Energy Ogres and Power Wizards.

PlanScan Cuts Your Electricity Bill

Our PlanScan personal shopping service can typically save our customers up to 30% on their electric bill. Our service is 100% free and there’s absolutely no obligation.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read our reviews.

PlanScan has received kudos from home finance experts like Frugal Confessions, who had this to say:

And probably my favorite tool of theirs? Is the PlanScan. You literally upload one of your previous bills, and they’ll hand-select the plan that is cheapest for you.

I filled this out myself and was super impressed with the results.

After submitting ours, they found a plan that will save us $23.26/month (that’s an approximate annual savings of $279.12!).

And this from Houston Moms Blog, who said this:

I was shocked when my PlanScan report arrived in my inbox, just a little over an hour after I uploaded my bill. It turns out, I am currently paying WAY more for electricity than I should be. ElectricityPlans gave me four custom recommendations that could save me up to 41% off my current bill.

Get started now on your free electricity shopping service.

Use the Electricity Bill Calculator to Shop Based on Usage

We’re happy to help you shop. But we’ve also added tools to help you shop for electricity on your your own!

With our new Electricity Bill Calculator feature, you can shop for electricity based on your exact usage.

Enter your zip code, then enter your average monthly kWh usage in the advanced search bar. We’ll automatically recalculate the average price per kWh and estimated monthly electricity bill based on your specific usage.

Then just look for the plan that will save you the most money on your electricity bill.

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