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7 Ways to Reduce Your Apartment Electric Bill

The thrill of getting a new apartment usually wears off as soon as the first electric bill comes. Who used all that electricity!? Don’t panic, you don’t have to live with sky-high power bills every month.

Your energy habits impact your apartment electric bill. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to develop new habits and carve a chunk out of those bills. Learn about the best ways to reduce your apartment’s electric bill.

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7 Tips To Keep Your Electric Bill Off The Naughty List

The holidays are coming and, for most people, that means your electricity usage will go up. This likely means that your holiday electric bills will go up as well.

Between late night festivities, holiday decorations, house guests, and lots of extra activity, utility bills go up almost every holiday season. That doesn’t have to happen, though, if you follow some helpful hints for cutting down on your power usage during these coming holiday weeks.

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LED Christmas Lights: How Much Will You Save In Energy Costs?

Ho, Ho, Oh No! Use LED Christmas lights this year to keep your electric bill from becoming the ghost of Christmas past come January.

Whether you prefer a light touch or are the next Clark Griswold, holiday lights are a part of our traditions.

For most people, once they start the tradition it continues to grow, year after year. After all, who can pass up the deep discounts at those after-Christmas sales? The only problem with an ever-growing collection of bright holiday cheeriness is that your electric bill will grow right along with your collection of lights.

It’s time to toss out your old strings of lights and other electric decorations. Today’s newer LED Christmas lights cost next to nothing for shining through the holiday season. With LED Christmas lights, you’ll shine through the holidays for a fraction of the cost.

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6 Tips For Raising Energy-Smart Kids

You’re aware of the importance of having a small carbon footprint, and do all you can to leave this world a little cleaner while saving money in the process. But what about the next generation? Are you doing all you can to raise your kids in an energy-smart way?

Making your kids energy aware takes more than just nagging them to turn out the lights when they leave the room. Teaching kids to be conscious of the environment will instill good habits that last a lifetime. Try these tips to make saving energy a more fun and natural part of their day.

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