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Finding the right business electricity plan is an important part of running a successful company, especially in Connecticut. Connecticut electricity rates are some of the highest in the nation. And Eversource and UI utility rates are going through the roof right now. Shopping online for your commercial electricity is fast and easy. Or give us a call and we will help you shop custom pricing.

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Compare Small and Medium Business Electricity Rates

As a rule of thumb, if your business has less than 5 utility meters or if your average electric bill is less than $2,500 per month, you can easily shop electricity online and start saving quickly. Service can begin within one to two billing cycles of signing a contract with a provider.

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Shop Small Business Electricity Rates in Eversource Connecticut

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
ENGIE 6 Months 6 14.40 ¢
ENGIE 48 Months 48 16.38 ¢
ENGIE 18 Months 18 16.40 ¢
ENGIE 60 Months 60 16.51 ¢
ENGIE 36 Months 36 16.64 ¢
ENGIE 24 Months 24 17.13 ¢
ENGIE 12 Months 12 17.42 ¢

Shop Small Business Electricity Rates in United Illuminating (CT)

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
ENGIE 6 Months 6 13.96 ¢
ENGIE 18 Months 18 15.90 ¢
ENGIE 48 Months 48 15.92 ¢
ENGIE 60 Months 60 16.02 ¢
ENGIE 36 Months 36 16.17 ¢
ENGIE 24 Months 24 16.64 ¢
ENGIE 12 Months 12 16.90 ¢

Compare Business Electricity Rates in Connecticut

Shop Large Commercial Electric Rates

For large businesses generally with monthly utility bills of more than $5,000, let ElectricityPlans do all of the legwork to get custom quotes from over 20 reputable electric companies. 

Many energy providers offer exclusive rates that cannot be found online. We have access to business electricity rates from many Connecticut electricity providers and can walk you through the process of choosing the best electricity plan for your business.

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How Usage Impacts Your Business Electricity Bill

Knowing how much power you use, and when you use it, can help you shop. You can usually download your full usage history from your utility company’s online portal. That way you will understand your usage before you shop.

If you are an existing business, your new provider will pull your usage history before you sign any contracts and help you choose the right plan. 

In addition to the price per kWh, if you have a demand meter, you may also have a demand charge. This demand charge is in addition to a price per kilowatt hour. Demand is a measure of how much electrical capacity you need at any point in time (kilowatt or KW/kVA).

Electricity demand and usage levels vary widely by type of business – for example, a manufacturing facility uses power differently than an office building or a church. Knowing your usage patterns and learning about how your demand is calculated can help you lower your demand charges.

Are you expanding your business? Adding more equipment? If this applies to you, talk to one of our business specialists. Planning for changes can help you select the right contract length, manage your demand charge and avoid costly fees..

Average Business Electricity Rate in Connecticut

According to the EIA, the overall average price of electricity for commercial customers in the US is 13.45 cents, while Connecticut business customers pay on average 19.99 cents per kWh (as of August 2022) for electricity. Electricity can be a big expense to your business. You owe it to your bottom line to shop for an electricity supplier.

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