Best Thermostat Settings for Vacation

The plans have been made. The bags are packed. You deserve a vacation. But what are the best thermostat settings for vacation to keep your electricity bill low? In other words, when you’re in vacation mode, is there a vacation mode for your house?

The best approach is to set your vacation thermostat about 10 degrees higher (summer) or lower (winter) than you normally set it when away from home. This lowers the amount of time your HVAC system is running while you are away. In general, don’t set it above 85° in the summer or below 50° in the winter.

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Liberty Power Bankruptcy – What Now?

If Liberty Power supplies your residential or commercial power, you may need to shop for a new electricity contract soon.

Liberty Power declared bankruptcy on April 21, 2021. While some Liberty Power customers were acquired by NRG, many others are being returned to their utility or to the Provider of Last Resort as of the most recent court decisions in November 2021.

What you need to do depends on what type of customer you are (residential or commercial) and what state you are in. Here’s what you need to know if you’re a Liberty Power customer, and what to do next.

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CT Electricity Choice – Can You Save on Electricity?

The Connecticut Office of Consumer Counsel recently called for the end of electricity choice in Connecticut. The OCC says electricity choice doesn’t save money. Retailers say you can save. But what’s the reality?

We’ll give you both sides of the argument. We’ll tell you why Connecticut electricity rates are so high. And we’ll tell you whether you can save on your United Illuminating or Eversource bill when you switch suppliers.

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How to Shop for Electricity in Connecticut

Connecticut electricity rates are on the rise. If you’re wondering how to shop for a Connecticut electric supplier, and looking for CT electricity info, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll teach you how to compare electricity rates so you can get the benefits of CT electricity deregulation.

When you switch your electric supplier in Connecticut, you’ll benefit from the stability of a fixed rate plan over the life of your contract.

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Why Is Your Electric Bill Higher Than You Expected?

Electric bill higher than expected? How can that be? You read the electricity providers’ information and picked what you thought was the best electricity plan available in your state. You even compared electricity rates offered and chose the cheapest plan.

Now you’ve received your first electric bill, and the power costs are much higher than you expected. And you’re wondering, Why is my electric bill so high? Why doesn’t the electricity rate on my bill match what you signed up for? Why is my electric bill higher than I expected?

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3…2…1…We’ve launched ElectricityPlans!

We are super excited to announce the official launch of! We serve the deregulated retail electricity markets in Texas, Ohio, and Connecticut with a fantastic choice of providers and plans in each market. Our mission is to give our customers the best variety and choice along with a stream-lined shopping experience when it comes to choosing an electricity plan for their home. We will continue to establish partnerships with the nation’s most reputable retail electricity providers and grow our reach to more deregulated states throughout 2017 and beyond.

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