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3…2…1…We’ve launched ElectricityPlans!

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich
  • We are super excited to announce the official launch of ElectricityPlans.com! We serve the deregulated retail electricity markets in Texas, Ohio, and Connecticut with a fantastic choice of providers and plans in each market. Our mission is to give our customers the best variety and choice along with a stream-lined shopping experience when it comes to choosing an electricity plan for their home. We will continue to establish partnerships with the nation’s most reputable retail electricity providers and grow our reach to more deregulated states throughout 2017 and beyond.

    The idea for ElectricityPlans.com grew from a frustrating afternoon a few years ago trying to compare actual electricity deals. There were literally hundreds of electricity providers and plans to compare. Mix in some too-good-to-be-true teaser rates, confusing industry terminology, three prices for the same plan (Texas), an Electricity Fact Labels filled with fine print, and we knew that there HAD to be a better way. According to the Houston Chronicle, we weren’t alone.

    Our goal for ElectricityPlans is simple – we want to help you find the best electricity plan to fit your needs. ElectricityPlans.com simplifies the process of selecting an electricity plan by offering a variety of well-vetted electricity plans from the most reputable electricity providers. We present the details of these plans in an easy-to-understand manner, and offer straightforward comparison shopping between plans. ElectricityPlans.com gives you the tools and resources to make well-informed decisions about your energy choices.

    Oh, and we’re free.

    Among the features of our site, you’ll find the following:

    • Vetted, quality electricity providers and plans
    • Advanced (but simple!) shopping tools
    • Informative articles & support
    • Of course, no teaser rates (because we hate surprise electric bills as much as you do)!

    If you’ve ever used a site like Power To Choose, the first thing you’ll notice is that you’re presented with a list of plans with suspiciously low electricity rates at certain kWh usage levels. ElectricityPlans.com does not have these teaser rates. Instead, we thoroughly examine the plans we offer and share important details about these plans in the Plan Details and Pricing section on our plan shopping page.

    The Plan Details and Pricing section provides information about how your electricity bill is calculated so that you can accurately estimate your electricity bill based on your electricity usage. We also display a rate price trend chart and plan popularity for each plan. ElectricityPlans.com has tools that enable you to make unique plan searches for plans with features such as Prepaid Electricity, special plans for Veterans & Active Military, and Electricity+ (plans that come with extra stuff!).

    To learn more about our shopping tools, see About Us.

    We hope you find ElectricityPlans.com to be a fresh, modern take on the electricity shopping experience. We’ve worked hard to make sure it contains quality electricity plans and valuable information to help you confidently select the best plan for your needs.

    As we grow our selection of providers and plans, your feedback is important to us. For any questions, suggestions, feedback, or comments, please contact us and let us know how we can continue to provide you the best electricity shopping experience possible.

    Thank You!
    The ElectricityPlans.com Team

    About Kelly Bedrich

    Kelly Bedrich co-founded ElectricityPlans in 2016 with the goal of simplifying the complicated process of buying energy. As president and chief technology officer, Kelly keeps our development team focused on providing a user-friendly website. When not reading the latest on technology and finance, Kelly enjoys celebrating Taco Tuesday, listening to live music at local venues, and hiking.

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