Cheapest Electricity Rates in Ohio (June 2024)

Looking for the cheapest electricity rates in Ohio? It’s no wonder. Standard rates from the largest utilities increased this year. You may be able to lock in significant savings versus your current price to compare.

The cheapest electricity companies and offers in Ohio vary all the time. We update this article each month with our recommendation on the 3 cheapest electric suppliers in Ohio. Here are our cheapest rates as of June 2024.

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Best Thermostat Settings for Vacation

The plans have been made. The bags are packed. You deserve a vacation. But what are the best thermostat settings for vacation to keep your electricity bill low? In other words, when you’re in vacation mode, is there a vacation mode for your house?

The best approach is to set your vacation thermostat about 10 degrees higher (summer) or lower (winter) than you normally set it when away from home. This lowers the amount of time your HVAC system is running while you are away. In general, don’t set it above 85° in the summer or below 50° in the winter.

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FES Bankruptcy – Exelon Saves the Day?

When First Energy Solutions (FES), a retailer serving nearly 1 million electricity customers entered bankruptcy in April, Ohio regulators were concerned.  After all, FES is the electric generation supplier of a large number of electricity municipal aggregations across Ohio.  What would happen to consumers as FES fought its way through bankruptcy proceedings?  It looks like a white knight has appeared on the horizon — Exelon Constellation.

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How to Shop for an Ohio Electric Supplier

If you’re wondering how to shop for an OH electricity supplier, you’ve come to the right place!  We’ll help you learn how to make an apples to apples comparison of OH electricity rates and plans, the switching process, and the benefits of switching.

When you switch your electric supplier, you’ll benefit from savings versus the price to compare and the security of a fixed rate plan with a secure rate. You can even choose from plans that have green energy, free stuff, or that support a charity!

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Understanding Ohio’s Price To Compare

To promote energy choice in Ohio, the Ohio PUC requires that all utility bills include a Price To Compare disclosure. This is based on the standard service offer or SSO for your local electric utility. But the SSO and price to compare are not always the same!

Read on to learn more about what the Price To Compare number is (and also what it isn’t) so that you can accurately compare apples to apples electricity rates. 

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Why Is Your Electric Bill Higher Than You Expected?

Electric bill higher than expected? How can that be? You read the electricity providers’ information and picked what you thought was the best electricity plan available in your state. You even compared electricity rates offered and chose the cheapest plan.

Now you’ve received your first electric bill, and the power costs are much higher than you expected. And you’re wondering, Why is my electric bill so high? Why doesn’t the electricity rate on my bill match what you signed up for? Why is my electric bill higher than I expected?

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3…2…1…We’ve launched ElectricityPlans!

We are super excited to announce the official launch of ElectricityPlans.com! We serve the deregulated retail electricity markets in Texas, Ohio, and Connecticut with a fantastic choice of providers and plans in each market. Our mission is to give our customers the best variety and choice along with a stream-lined shopping experience when it comes to choosing an electricity plan for their home. We will continue to establish partnerships with the nation’s most reputable retail electricity providers and grow our reach to more deregulated states throughout 2017 and beyond.

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