electric rate plan discount for veterans and active military

Military Discount for Active Military, Veterans, and Reserve

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • If you’re a veteran, active military, Guard and Reserve member, or a military spouse, you’re eligible for a military discount on electricity.

    As a member of the US military, you deserve special treatment for your service. The last thing you need is high electric bills due to an overpriced electricity plan.

    If you live in a state with deregulated electricity, you can choose your electricity supplier. And you can find a plan that works for your budget and lifestyle. This can save you real money each month.

    Here’s how to find an electricity plan with special military discounts for active duty, military reserves, veteran, or military-dependent spouses. It’s one more way to get the lowest electric bill possible each month.

    Special Military Discount for Active Duty Military

    Make your housing allowance go that much further by researching electricity providers. You can find a discounted electricity rate for active duty members of the military. You may have to prove your duty status through an on-line verification process.

    If your family member is deployed overseas? Your family can still get the same low military discount rate. Residency remains in the home and the discount rate still applies.

    Military Discounts for Veterans and Members of the Guard and Reserves

    Honorably discharged veterans of all branches of the service are also eligible for discounts or specially-priced electricity plans. Veterans and members of the Guard and Reserves get the same rates as active military.

    Providers offering special rate plans for veterans require on-line verification of service. You may need to provide your military ID, discharge date (if applicable) and service branch for validation. The verification process is done by a 3rd party service and is safe and secure.

    Making the Process Easier

    At ElectricityPlans.com, we offer a large variety of plans and search tools to make it east to find the right electricity discount plan.

    Veteran Energy offer specially-priced plans for the military in Texas. That includes veterans, active duty military, spouses of active duty personnel, and members of the Guard and Reserves.

    To find military discount plans, just select “Veterans & Active Military” under Plan Features.

    You should always compare standard fixed rate plans vs. the Veterans & Active Military discount rates. That’s because, while a discount is nice, sometimes other providers will have lower rates.

    And, if your credit score is below 600, we recommend Chariot Energy for their deposit waiver for Active military. There is no military discount, but you can compare their electricity rates and see that they are very affordable. If you apply for electricity service and owe a deposit, just contact them with proof of your Active service. They’ll waive your deposit in recognition of your Active military status.

    >>Texas Military Discount Electricity

    Find out more about Texas electricity military discounts in this special section. We include a list of Texas military bases where electricity is deregulated. Plus estimated bills to help you budget for your military housing.

    Want more military discounts? Here’s a great source on military deals.

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