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  • Lancaster electricity rates are deregulated. That means you can shop for the best electricity rate for your home or business. Your local delivery company, PPL Electric Utilities, will continue to delivery power no matter who you choose!

    Lancaster Electric Utility Company

    The electric utility company, or electric distribution company, in Lancaster is PPL Electric Utilities

    If PPL is your utility, there are nearly 150 offers to pick from. Using an alternative shopping site like ElectricityPlans.com is the way to go.

    Compare Lancaster PA Electricity Rates (PPL Electric Utilities)

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Public Power 12 Month Fixed with Monthly Fee 12 9.49 ¢
    Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 6 6 10.09 ¢
    Public Power 6 Month Fixed 6 10.19 ¢
    Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 12 12 10.29 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 6 6 10.39 ¢
    Public Power 12 Month Fixed 12 10.39 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 12 10.59 ¢
    Public Power 15 Month Fixed 15 10.79 ¢
    Constellation 12 Month Home Power Plan 12 10.79 ¢
    Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 15 15 10.99 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 18 11.19 ¢
    Constellation 24 Month Home Power Plan 24 11.29 ¢
    Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 24 24 11.49 ¢
    Constellation 24 Month Green Home Power Plan 24 11.89 ¢
    XOOM Energy Sure Lock 12 12 11.99 ¢
    XOOM Energy Simple Clean 12 12 12.29 ¢
    XOOM Energy Rescue Lock 12 12 12.59 ¢

    Shop Electricity Rates in Lancaster

    How to Find the Best Electricity Rate in Lancaster

    The truth is, there is no one best electricity plan in Lancaster PA. But this simple step-by-step process will help you find the best electricity rate.

    Steps for Electricity Shopping

    Step 1: Look at your electricity bill. Are you currently with the utility or a supplier? It will show this on your bill. If you are with a supplier, it should include your contract expiration date. If you are with the utility you are likely on the Price to Compare, their default rate.

    Step 2: Consider what’s important to you. Do you want contract flexibility? Do you prefer the convenience of a longer-term contract? Or maybe you want to go green with renewable energy? Think of these options before you start shopping.

    Step 3: Shop online using an comparison site like ElectricityPlans.com. Simply enter your zip code to view available rates near you. Remember to shopping tools to select the type of plan and term length, or just sort by price to see the cheapest electricity plans.

    Step 4: Compare plan features to find the best electricity plan for your home. Make sure you pay attention to these elements.

    • Rate per kWh. The rate per kWh tells you what you pay for electricity. Compare that to the PPL Price to Compare to make sure it’s a good rate.
    • Early Termination Fee. If you change your mind or find a better deal, what will it cost you to switch? Look for providers that don’t charge an early termination fee.
    • Monthly Fee. Those little fees add up. Look for a provider that doesn’t charge a monthly fee.
    • Contract Term. Contract terms can vary from 12 to 36 months. It’s ok to commit to a longer term plan if it’s a great rate. Especially if there’s no early termination fee!

    Step 5: Sign up with your supplier. Once you have picked your electricity rate and plan, simply sign up on the supplier’s web site. Your new supplier will handle everything with your electric utility. Your new rate will start within 3-7 days.

    You can find more information on electricity shopping at the state public utility commission site.

    Lancaster Electricity Shopping FAQs

    What’s the average monthly electricity usage in Lancaster?

    According to EIA.gov, the average monthly electricity usage in Lancaster is 866 kWh, and annual usage is 10,402 kWh annually. Your home’s electricity usage will vary by the size and age of your home, number of people that live there and your personal habits.

    How much is an electric bill in Lancaster?

    The average monthly electric bill in Lancaster is $159.17 This is based on the typical monthly consumption of 866 kWh and the average kWh price of 18.38 cents. (Source: EIA.gov June 2023)

    How much does electricity cost in Lancaster?

    Electricity in Lancaster costs 18.38 cents per kWh on average, based on June 2023 data from the Energy Information Administration. That includes the cost of supply, delivery and local assessments. You can shop for the energy portion of your electricity bill, which will help lower your price per kWh.

    Business Electricity in Lancaster PA

    You can compare electricity rates for your business too.

    Commercial electricity rates are more complicated than residential rates, especially if you spend over $2,000 a month on electricity. Contract terms, especially early termination penalties, can be complex.

    Shop with an energy expert with this quote request form. Or call us at 844-214-5559 Monday-Friday

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