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Texas Electricity Rates Chart – No Gimmicks Electricity Plans

  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich
  • Edited By: Rebecca Bridges
  • Texas Electricity Rates Charts make it easy to find cheap electricity plans plans with no gimmicks. They’re a simple way to make an electricity price comparison. Below you will find electricity rates charts for Houston, Dallas and Corpus Christi.

    A no-gimmicks electricity plan is a basic fixed rate plan that doesn’t include plan structures like bill credits, base charges or tiered rates. These plan structures make an electricity plan look very cheap at a specific usage level. But consumers can get a bill surprise if they use more or less than kWh than the advertised rate.

    Why No Gimmicks Texas Electricity Rates Are Best

    Gimmicky electricity plans are typically set up to look good only at a certain rate per kWh, the advertised rate. These plans look great on paper. But dig into the electricity facts labels? You’ll find that your usage has to fit into a pretty tight usage band to save money.

    We run customer bill reviews all the time with our Texas PlanScan free electricity shopping service. And we find that most consumers don’t win with those gimmicky plans.

    The plans that are the cheapest electricity rates are usually no gimmicks electricity plans. And by that we mean just simple, basic no gimmicks electricity plans — energy plus delivery.

    And that’s what you’ll find in the electricity rates charts below. You can easily make an electricity rates comparison with this information.

    gimmick plans are not the best idea light bulb.

    Gimmicks: There are a lot of retailers out there with the bright idea that they can trick you with gimmicks like tiered rates and bill credits.

    find the best plan for your house with our texas electricity rates chart. House.

    Usage: Not every house has the same usage. Most gimmicks plans look good only if your usage is always within a certain range.

    Love your electricity plan when you use these Texas electricity rates charts to find the best plan for your home.

    Basic Rates: We find that most customers save with basic electricity rates. These are rates that are energy + delivery. That’s what’s shown here.

    This energy rate comparison for Houston TX is a good starting point. Want to know more about shopping for electricity plans in Houston? We wrote a whole post on shopping for best electricity in Houston.

    Want to know more about shopping for electricity in Dallas? Check out our city page with all the info on how to shop for best electricity rates in Dallas.

    Want more info on how to shop for the best electricity plan in Corpus Christi? See our article on how to shop for the best cheap electricity plans in Corpus Christi.

    Want to see electricity plans near you? Enter your zip code to shop basic no gimmicks basic electricity plans near you.

    Shop No Gimmicks Texas Electricity Rates Near Me

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    ElectricityPlans.com helps consumers easily compare and shop electricity plans. Tools like this Electricity Comparison Rates Chart are just part of what we offer.

    You’ll also find articles on how to cut your electricity bill and how to shop for the cheapest Texas electricity rates. Plus our easy to use electricity plan comparison site, where you can find and compare all types of electricity plans.

    Our staff has over 20 years of experience in the deregulated energy markets, dating back to the start of deregulation in Texas. We hope that these Texas electricity rates charts make it easier for you to shop!

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