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AEP Energy Rates for Ohio Business Electricity

AEP Energy is an excellent choice for your small business electricity in Ohio. Or get a custom quote on your larger business.

AEP Energy Rates

AEP Energy rates are very competitive. Business owners can get fixed rate electricity plans that protect against the unknowns. Your fixed AEP Energy rate means you will be able to budget. You’ll be protected against rate increases. And you won’t have to wonder what the next rate change will do to your bills. Plus AEP Energy customer service is top notch.

Large commercial customers can receive a custom quote. And customers of all sizes can choose from a variety of plans including:

  • Fixed Rate Ohio electricity (also called Firm Price Plan electricity)
  • Renewable Product Plan, matching 100% of your usage with Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates
  • True Cost Price Plan, for large load factor customers able to reduce usage during high seasonal demand months

To get started, shop rates online or call our energy experts at 844-214-5559.

About AEP Energy

Does the name AEP Energy sound familiar? It’s because they are a subsidiary of AEP, and their sister company, AEP Ohio is the utility company for Columbus Ohio.

AEP Energy is a certified competitive retail electricity and natural gas supply provider operating in 27 service territories in six states and Washington, D.C.

Based in Columbus, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois, AEP Energy is committed to excellence by serving customers with value, innovation and many years of industry experience.

Established in 2002, AEP Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of AEP, one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, and ranked 185 of the Fortune 500.

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