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Discount Power - Competitive Ohio Electric Rates For Homes

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • Discount Power Inc. provides low cost electricity choices for homes and businesses. They are a licensed power provider in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. In Ohio, they offer fixed energy rates that fit every budget and they serve thousands of satisfied customers. They are best known as one of the lowest cost providers of 100% renewable energy plans with the Signature Plans.

    Discount Power – More than Cheap Electricity

    Discount Power’s mission is two-fold: To provide the highest level of customer service and to help customers make informed decisions towards maximizing their energy savings. They do this by providing competitive electric rates, simple enrollment, and a great customer rewards program.

    Discount Power’s benefits are directly related to cost savings for both your home and business. Their electricity plan pricing is based on flexible options that vary from state to state.

    Rate Plans Designed with You in Mind

    When you shop Discount Power’s plans, the first thing you will notice is their straightforward, competitive rates. In Ohio, they offer 6, 12, 24, and 36 month fixed rate residential plans. Their Terms and Conditions are exceptionally easy to read so you won’t have any surprises in the fine print. No matter what your lifestyle is, you’re bound to find the right plan for you.

    Renewable Energy Plans

    Clean, green energy. Lock in your green energy rate and get the stability you need regardless of the market conditions, while also going green in the process. With Discount Power’s Signature fixed rate plans, all electricity is 100% renewable so that you can be sure that your power is provided by sustainable resources.

    Easy Enrollment

    Managing a household budget can be hard. Discount Power wants to make enrolling for your new electricity plan is as easy as possible. Simply find the best plan for your needs, provide your enrollment information, and you’re all set – no disruption in your electricity and no billing hassles. You will continue to receive your bill from your local utility.

    Giving Consumers With Customer Rewards

    When you enroll for a residential electricity plan with Discount Power, you will be eligible to receive up to $1,200 per year in rewards for shopping and dining which is redeemed online. As long as you are an active customer of Discount Power you will receive a reward value of $100 per month to be used at over 300,000 local merchant stores; including hotels, restaurant chains, movie theaters, retail stores and for gift cards and much more.

    Supporting the Community

    Discount Power offers monthly donations to a list of local charities with the“Generate HOPE” program. These are 501(c)3 charities located in your state and offering support in many diverse non-profit areas; including cancer, veterans, food banks, literacy, charitable credit unions and more. “Generate HOPE” on behalf of Discount Power will provide a monthly donation to the charity you’ve selected as a “Thank You!”

    Discount Power stands out by offering both outstanding service and providing value to their customers.

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