AEP Ohio Provides Reliable, Sustainable Electricity to Ohio Customers

AEP Ohio is Ohio’s largest utility, serving approximately 1.5 million residential and commercial customers in the central, southeast, and northwest portions of Ohio. AEP Ohio is a subsidiary of AEP (American Electric Power, NYSE: AEP), one of the nation’s largest electricity generation and transmission companies. AEP Ohio is headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio and serves approximately 5.4 million retail customers in 11 states. AEP operates approximately 224,000 miles of distribution lines, 40,000 miles of transmission lines and 32,000 megawatts of generating capacity nationally. Consumers in AEP Ohio can choose a Certified Retail Electric Supplier (CRES) for their electricity supply.

Areas Served By AEP Ohio

Currently, AEP Ohio operates in two rate zones in Ohio: Columbus Southern Power and Ohio Power. The Columbus Southern Power Zone serves the cities of Columbus and surrounding areas including Gahanna Dublin, and Athens. The Ohio Power Power Zone serves the cities of Portsmouth, Zanesville, Wooster, Canton. Findlay, Lima, and many rural areas in Ohio.

How can you determine which AEP Ohio utility rate zone you are in? On your AEP Ohio bill, look under Current AEP Ohio Charges. If your Service Delivery Identifier begins with 0004, you are in the Columbus Southern Power zone. If your Service Delivery Identifier begins with 0014, you are in the Ohio Power zone.

AEP Ohio Price to Compare

AEPs residential ‘Price to Compare’ for the generation supply portion of your bill for the period of October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 is $.0514/kWh. This is the rate you will pay for electric generation if you do not switch to an alternative supplier. Refer to your most recent AEP utility bill to confirm your price to compare when shopping for an electricity supplier.

Remember, the price to compare changes periodically. While the price to compare is currently low, who knows what it will be in January. By locking in a fixed rate with an alternative supplier, you get price protection.

Best AEP Ohio Certified Retail Electric Supplier Rates

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Santanna Energy Services Electric Bundle Special 12 Month 12 4.79 ¢ Details
Public Power Public Power 18 Month Fixed 18 5.19 ¢ Details
Direct Energy Live Brighter 32 32 5.39 ¢ Details
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 36 36 5.69 ¢ Details
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 24 24 5.89 ¢ Details
Direct Energy Live Brighter 36 36 5.99 ¢ Details
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 18 18 6.09 ¢ Details
Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 for Veterans & Active Military 18 6.39 ¢ Details
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 12 12 6.39 ¢ Details
Public Power Public Power 36 Month Fixed 36 6.39 ¢ Details

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AEP Ohio History

AEP Ohio’s history begins as early as 1906 with the operation of American Gas and Electric (AG&E) to serve the communities of Canton and Bridgeport, Ohio. The company changed its name to American Electric Power (AEP) in 1958 since it no longer provided gas services at that time.

AEP acquired Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company in 1980 and moved its headquarters to Columbus, Ohio in conjunction with the acquisition. AEP Ohio operated Ohio Power and Columbus Southern independently until 2014 when Columbus Southern was rolled up into Ohio Power, leaving Ohio Power as the legal operating entity owned by AEP Ohio.

AEP Ohio Awards

AEP, parent company of AEP Ohio, has received numerous prestigious awards, including:

  • Fortune Magazine: World’s Most Admired Companies in Electric and Gas Utilities Sector — 2014-2016
  • J.D. Power Utility Website Evaluation Study: Top-Ranked Utility Company in Overall Ease of Website Use — 2013-2016
  • Edison Electric Institute: Edison Award 2013 & 2016, Emergency Assistance/Recovery Awards — 7 times (most recently 2016)
  • Working Mother Magazine: 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers, Best Companies for Multicultural Women

Utility Highlights

Here are just a few ways that AEP is helping its Ohio electricity customers each and every day:

  • Detailed outage information. AEP Ohio provides multiple ways to learn about outages, including a real-time outage map  as well as alerts through email or text. AEP Ohio also has resources to help you better understand how electricity outages are handled.
  • Savings incentive programs. Lighting and appliance rebates for buying things you’d buy anyway are a great way to help save money on your electricity bill over the long term. Instead of buying CFLs, try out some LED light bulbs on them, get rebates on ENERGY STAR washers, refrigerators, water heaters and even smart thermostats that can keep your electricity bill low for years to come.
  • gridSMART technology. Utilizing smart technologies like smart meters, distribution automation and Volt Var Optimization (VVO) has allowed AEP Ohio to increase efficiency at power stations, improving the efficiency of the whole grid.
  • Online Home Energy Profile. By answering some detailed questions about your home and your appliances, AEP Ohio will give you an energy efficiency score and predict how well an in-home energy assessment could help you. For some customers, the in-home assessment could help them realize hundreds of dollars a year in savings.

No matter who you end up choosing as your electricity supplier, AEP Ohio  will remain your electric utility if you’re in their coverage area. This means they will take care of your electric lines, get the power back on after an outage and keep you safe from downed lines when bad weather strikes.

Switching to a CRES for Your Supply

If you have AEP Ohio for your electricity supplier, you will be served on the Standard Service Offer rate. This rate can change monthly based on AEP Ohio’s power procurement.

Or, you can switch to a Competitive Retail Electricity Supplier, or CRES. A CRES can offer you alternative plans that have secure fixed electricity rates for the duration of your contract term. Longer term contracts, such as 24 or 36 months, usually offer the best bet at electricity rate savings versus the utility.

Want to learn more? Here’s our guide to How to Shop for an Electric Supplier in Ohio.

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