Dayton Power & Light: Safety, Satisfaction, Sustainability

Working hard to protect Ohio electricity customers with a commitment to safety and sustainability, Dayton Power & Light (DP&L) is a utility going above and beyond. Founded in 1911, the Dayton Power & Light Company was formed when two competing local Dayton utilities merged. DP&L is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio and is owned by AES (NYSE: AES), a Fortune 200 company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia with electric operations in 17 countries and 21,000 employees. Consumers in DP&L can choose a Certified Retail Electricity Supplier (CRES) for their electricity supply.

Areas Served By Dayton Power & Light

DP&L serves over 515,000 customers in 24 counties along the Miami Valley region of West Central Ohio. DP&L operates over 10,500 miles of distribution lines and 1,800 miles of transmission lines in the region and serves the cities of Dayton, Kettering, Trotwood, Xenia, Greenville, and surrounding rural areas.

Dayton Power & Light Price to Compare

Dayton Power & Light’s residential ‘Price to Compare’ for the generation supply portion of your bill for the period June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021 is $.0460468/kWh. This is the rate you will pay for electric generation if you do not switch to an alternative electricity supplier. Refer to your most recent DPL utility bill to confirm your specific price to compare when shopping for an electricity supplier.

Remember, the price to compare changes periodically. While the price to compare is currently low, who knows what it will be in January. By locking in a fixed rate with an alternative supplier, you get price protection.

Best Dayton Power & Light Certified Retail Electric Supplier Rates

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Direct Energy Live Brighter 20 21 5.59 ¢ Details
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 36 36 5.59 ¢ Details
Direct Energy Live Brighter 36 36 5.69 ¢ Details
Direct Energy Go Green Lights 24 24 5.69 ¢ Details
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 24 24 5.69 ¢ Details
Public Power Public Power 12 Month Fixed 12 5.79 ¢ Details
Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 for Veterans & Active Military 18 5.89 ¢ Details
Public Power Public Power 24 Month Fixed 24 5.89 ¢ Details
Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 18 6.09 ¢ Details
Public Power Public Power 36 Month Fixed 36 6.09 ¢ Details

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Dayton Power & Light Features

Even in a world where deregulation is the norm, DP&L is doing more to earn its customers’ business, ensure quality customer support, and provide safe, reliable power. Power line safety and customer satisfaction are vital components to the DP&L philosophy, as is long-term sustainability.

Green power is more than a fad, and as keepers of the Miami River, Dayton Power and Light is faced with a unique challenge to produce the power necessary to keep homes and businesses running without damaging these fragile waterways. Protecting the environment with sustainable power is important to DP&L’s business model.

Here are a few programs offered to get customers involved and provide outstanding service:

  • “Right Tree, Right Place.” Tree placement continues to be a problem for aerial power line maintenance, requiring numerous man hours to trim trees out of power systems to prevent outages. The Right Tree, Right Place program not only encourages tree planting, but the right type of tree planting near power lines so that future power workers won’t have to trim tree branches out of lines.
  • Excel at customer service. DP&L’s Customer Solutions Center was recently recognized as a Certified Center of Excellence by Benchmark Portal. In addition, DP&L recently ranked in the top 10 in the J.D. Power Midwest Midsize Residential Customer Satisfaction Survey. Through their interactive Outage Center, they also provide excellent customer communications and outage tracking when they need it the most.
  • Energy efficiency programs. DP&L offers a number of energy efficiency programs to their electricity customers, whether residential or commercial. From rebates for ENERGY STAR appliances to appliance recycling to keep junk appliances from filling up landfills or being dumped into wild areas, DP&L is always looking for more ways to help their customers become more efficient.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations. So far, DP&L has installed 20 electric vehicle charging stations across its service area, primarily in high traffic areas where they’ll get the most use. This Ohio utility also maintains a database of electric vehicle charging stations so that electric vehicle owners can easily locate and utilize this equipment. The better the infrastructure for electric vehicles becomes, the more people will be interested in adopting the technology.

Ohio electric utilities are doing more than ever to be both creators of electricity for their local areas and stewards of the environment. Forward-thinking utilities like DP&L are certainly ones to be proud of, especially considering their focus on sustainability and customer service.

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