Texas Ancillary Services – What Are They? And Why Should You Care?

If you’re a business owner in Texas, you need to know that Ancillary Services could be passed through on your bill, depending on your contract language.

That’s what a number of businesses found out after Winter Storm Uri in February 2021. They were saddled with high bills from Ancillary Services pass-through charges when the wholesale price of ancillaries spiked as high as $25,000 per MWh on the ERCOT market.

That’s led to changes in the ERCOT market. And some of the cots related to it may be passed through to you. Here’s what you need to know about Ancillary Services in Texas.

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Liberty Power Bankruptcy – What Now?

If Liberty Power supplies your residential or commercial power, you may need to shop for a new electricity contract soon.

Liberty Power declared bankruptcy on April 21, 2021. While some Liberty Power customers were acquired by NRG, many others are being returned to their utility or to the Provider of Last Resort as of the most recent court decisions in November 2021.

What you need to do depends on what type of customer you are (residential or commercial) and what state you are in. Here’s what you need to know if you’re a Liberty Power customer, and what to do next.

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Texas Electricity Trends for 2020

Texas electricity rates in 2019 were relatively flat compared to the prior year. And if you were in a fixed rate contract throughout 2019, you had a secure price. But those who were on a variable rate or a wholesale index rate (i.e. Griddy Energy) had their rate explode in mid August when ERCOT hit a historic usage level.

So what will happen in 2020? It all depends. But indications are that market forces are driving up retail energy prices in the short term, and that long-term contracts might be the way to go this year.

>>Want the latest Texas electricity trends? Here are Texas Electricity Trends for 2021

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How to Find Cheap Power Rates in Texas

Want to know what is the cheapest electricity company in Texas? There’s many ways you can search for it. “Cheap power near me.” “Cheap electricity for my home.” “Best Electricity Plan in <city> Texas.”

With Texas deregulation, people across the state search for cheap electricity. Because no one wants to pay too much for electricity. And no one wants to feel like they got (ah hem) scr*wed by a power plan they didn’t understand. And your energy bill is a big part of your home budget.

But how do you find the cheapest electricity companies in Texas? That’s why we created this energy price comparison website. Here’s how to compare energy providers in the Texas energy market, find the best energy contracts and win at the electricity shopping game.

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The High Risk of Summer 2018 Texas Month to Month Electricity Plans

Texas electricity customers face historically high electricity prices this summer. The rising energy rates are not so much a result of the cost of natural gas, the primary commodity used to generate electricity, but are a result of increased demand and anticipated shortages in supply. What does this mean for customers on variable rate, month to month electricity plans? High, high, high electricity rates for the dog days of summer. Who is most at risk? Prepaid electricity customers and customers on holdover rates from expired electricity contracts.

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