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Texas Electric Delivery Rates Soar to Highest Level in 5 Years

  • Written By: Rebecca Bridges
  • Edited By: Shannon Bedrich

  • Delivery rates for Texas electricity change twice a year, in March and September. And as of September 2023, the price you pay per kilowatt hour to get power to your home is at its highest level in five years.

    2024 Update: Utility delivery rates have dropped since this article was written in 2023, but are still higher than previous years. Find current and historical delivery rates using the links below.

    Why do Texas Electric Delivery Rates Change?

    Electric delivery rates pay for the infrastructure that gets power to your home or business.

    While electricity supply is deregulated in most of Texas, the Public Utility Commission of Texas regulates your local utility company.

    Each utility company must submit proof of their infrastructure and delivery costs. And they receive a guaranteed rate of return on that investment, to pay for these essential services.

    How Much is the Power Delivery Charge in Texas?

    You can find a multi-year history of Texas electric delivery fees using the links below.

    Centerpoint Energy Rate History

    Oncor Rate History

    AEP-North Rate History

    AEP-Central Rate History

    TNMP Rate History

    This chart shows Texas electric delivery rate trends for the past 5 years.

    Increases in delivery fees are due to several factors: transmission and distribution costs (getting power from where it’s generated to where it’s needed), peak demand and infrastructure maintenance.

    texas electricity delivery rates trend chart for 2017 - 2023

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