Texas-New Mexico Power Providing Electric Utilities to 250,000 Texas Homes & Businesses

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP) is an electricity transmission and distribution provider that serves regions in far west, north central, and gulf coast regions of Texas.

    Areas Served By TNMP

    TNMP provides electricity transmission and distribution in 3 regions in Texas. The far west Texas region includes Kermit, Pecos, and Fort Stockton. Their north central region includes Lewisville, Clifton, and Glen Rose. Their gulf region includes Brazoria, Angleton, Alvin, Friendswood, La Marque, League City, Dickinson, and Texas City.

    They have approximately 249,000 customers and 400 employees in 20 Texas communities.

    Some zip codes are split between TNMP and Centerpoint. For example, one side of the street could be Centerpoint, the other side could be TNMP. ElectricityPlans.com lets you look up your service address to see if your utility company is TNMP or Centerpoint. That makes a different when you are shopping for electricity.

    Shop for a Retail Electricity Provider in TNMP

    TNMP is an electricity distribution utility company. You cannot buy your power from TNMP.  When you live in the TNMP territory, you must select a retail electricity provider (REP). First Choice Power was the original retail electricity supplier previously owned by TNMP, but now owned by Direct Energy. Over 70 REPs serve the TNMP delivery area giving you the power to choose the provider and plan that serves your needs the best.

    With the power to choose comes the power to confuse! It is confusing to shop for the best electricity rates when there are so many choices. ElectricityPlans.com makes it easy to compare electricity plans and find cheap electricity rates. Need recommendations for a great electricity plan? Use our free PlanScan service to get personalized electricity plan picks.

    Top Ten Best Texas New Mexico Power Electric Rates for your Home

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Rhythm Simply Select 16 16 15.4 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 12 12 15.9 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 24 24 15.9 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 36 36 16.1 ¢
    Frontier Budget Saver 24 24 16.1 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 24 24 16.3 ¢
    Chariot Energy Solarize 36 36 16.3 ¢
    Champion Energy Services Champ Silver 24 24 16.4 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 36 36 16.4 ¢
    Frontier Budget Saver 12 12 16.5 ¢

    These featured electricity plans have straight-forward rates, with no gimmicks. Regardless of your monthly kWh usage levels, you can have confidence that you won’t have any unexpected surprises in your monthly electric bill.

    Shop TNMP Electricity Rates Near You

    Texas New Mexico Power TDU Delivery Charges

    Texas New Mexico Power utility delivery fees are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT). The residential delivery rates are updated on March 1st and September 1st of each year. These rates are comprised of numerous tariffs that are approved by the PUCT. These fees pay for the maintenance of the poles and wires and meters that service your home and any system upgrades or repairs due to storms. The TDU charges are passed through to the customer by the REPs in the monthly electric bill and are the same regardless of who supplies the electricity.

    Current & Historic Texas New Mexico Power TDU Delivery Charges
    Effective DateMonthly Charge$/kWh
    September 1, 2023$7.85$.060465
    March 1, 2023$7.85$.045681
    September 1, 2022$7.85$.054741
    March 1, 2022$7.85$.047274
    September 1, 2021$7.85$.051602
    March 1, 2021$7.85$.040403
    September 1, 2020$7.85$.049093
    March 1, 2020$7.85$.041354
    September 1, 2019$7.85$.048321
    March 1, 2019$7.85$.038999
    September 1, 2018$8.65$.036961
    March 1, 2018$8.65$.032779
    September 1, 2017$8.65$.039126
    March 1, 2017$8.65$.032654

    Texas New Mexico Power History

    Despite it’s name, TNMP only serves electricity customers in Texas. TNMP is currently a subsidiary of PNM Resources (NYSE: PNM) who also owns/operates PNM, a major utility in New Mexico with roots back to Albuquerque Gas & Electric in the early 1900s. PNM purchased TNP Enterprises (the holding company for TNMP and First Choice Power) in 2004.

    TNMP Safety and Efficiency Programs

    Here are a few ways TNMP helps their service areas stay safe, functional, and energy-efficient:

    • Laying out a hurricane plan. TNMP actively makes preparations to handle a hurricane and they want you to be prepared, too. TNMP shares their hurricane and severe weather plans publicly and communicates exactly what to expect when severe weather comes, how to report problems and what recovery will look like.
    • Investing in the local community. The TNMP Power Grants help small community projects get off the ground. The utility awards grant of up to $5,000 to deserving proposals within the community from a fund of about $30,000. So far, TNMP has helped to fund things like grocery deliveries for homebound residents, expansion of recycling facilities and even 3D-printing for the Gatesville Public Library’s robotics program.
    • Providing energy efficiency programs. Access to both commercial and residential energy efficiency programs are available through the TNMP website. Since 2002, this utility has helped over 245,000 customers make $17.6 million worth of energy-efficiency related repairs. In addition, they provide an online Electric Usage Data Viewer to show delivery charges for customer meters.

    A key part of the Texas utility community, TNMP invests in the welfare of the communities it serves and provides stable, reliable service.

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