AEP Texas Central Provides Electric Utility Service to Over 800,000 Customers in South Texas

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Formed in 2000 as a result of the merger with AEP and Central and South West Corporation, AEP Texas Central is a subsidiary of AEP Texas and is one of two AEP electric utilities operating in ERCOT. AEP Texas Central boasts approximately 800,000 total customers in 219 towns and 44 counties in Texas.  Headquartered in Corpus Christi, AEPC has approximately 1,500 employees in Texas. AEP Texas is part of AEP (American Electric Power), one of the largest utilities in the US, serving customers in 11 states.

Areas Served By AEP Texas Central

AEP Texas Central electricity utility currently serves about 672,000 residential meters and 107,000 commercial meters spread across an area totaling 44,000 square miles. The AEP Texas Central region serves major cities including Victoria, Corpus Christi, McAllen, Laredo, and Harlingen.

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The AEP Texas Central utility delivery area is one of the deregulated electricity markets in Texas. You can’t buy your electricity supply from AEP Texas Central. When you live in the AEP Texas Central territory, you must select a retail electricity provider (REP) to supply your electricity. CPL Retail Energy, now owned by Direct Energy, is the retail electricity supplier that was the original electricity provider in that area before deregulation. Over 70 Texas REPs serve the AEP Texas Central utility delivery area, and you can choose from any of them to provide your electricity.

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Top Ten Best AEP Texas Central Electric Rates for your Home

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Direct Energy Veterans and Active Military 24 24 10.1 ¢ Details
Frontier Utilities Smart Budget 12 12 10.2 ¢ Details
Direct Energy Veterans and Active Military 12 12 10.3 ¢ Details
Champion Energy Services Champ Saver 18 18 10.3 ¢ Details
Champion Energy Services Champ Saver 36 36 10.4 ¢ Details
Champion Energy Services Champ Silver 24 24 10.4 ¢ Details
Pulse Power Texas Fixed 18 18 10.4 ¢ Details
Champion Energy Services Champ Saver 24 24 10.5 ¢ Details
Infinite Energy Infinite Energy 36 Month Partner Saver 36 10.5 ¢ Details
Pulse Power Texas Fixed 36 36 10.5 ¢ Details

These featured electricity plans have straight-forward rates, with no gimmicks. Regardless of your monthly kWh usage levels, you can have confidence that you won’t have any unexpected surprises in your monthly electric bill.

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AEP Texas Central TDU Delivery Charges

AEP Central utility delivery fees are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT). The residential delivery rates are updated on March 1st and September 1st of each year. These rates are comprised of numerous tariffs that are approved by the PUCT. These fees pay for the maintenance of the poles and wires and meters that service your home and any system upgrades or repairs due to storms. The TDU charges are passed through to the customer by the REPs in the monthly electric bill and are the same regardless of who supplies the electricity.

Current & Historic AEP Central TDU Delivery Charges
Effective DateMonthly Charge$/kWh
September 1, 2020$4.27$.042929
March 1, 2020$9.00$.040861
September 1, 2019$9.00$.044846
March 1, 2019$9.00$.039405
September 1, 2018$9.00$.041602
March 1, 2018$9.00$.040746
September 1, 2017$9.00$.043840
March 1, 2017$9.00$.039606

AEP Texas Central Awards

As of 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized AEP Texas with an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award for six consecutive years.  In addition, they have continuously received recognition by the Arbor Day Foundation for 17 consecutive years as a Tree Line USA utility.

Utility Highlights

There are few Texas or other utilities that can boast the reach of AEP or its customer service power. AEP Texas Central may be just a small part of the bigger electric utility known as American Electric Power, but with size comes advantages. AEP Texas Central is a sister company to the smaller AEP Texas North.

It takes well over 1,500 employees to keep all these customers well-informed and happy, each and every day. From basic orders to billing questions, your AEP Central electricity utility has you covered—and its website is also a fantastic customer service resource.

As the modern electricity customer evolves and is looking for faster answers and deeper responses to more probing questions, electricity utilities have to evolve, too. AEP Texas Central’s online self-service tools are comprehensive, and include functions like:

  • Access to your smart electric meter. You can access your electric meter from your AEP Texas Central website, provided you have a little bit of basic information from your bill. Analyzing the meter’s data can help answer some basic questions about your usage and billing, helping you to better plan your energy consumption.
  • Help with service requests. With Retail Electric Providers in the picture, it can get really confusing about who you’re supposed to call when something goes wrong with your power. AEP Texas’ self-service site will help you decide whose problem it is this time and provide you with resources to locate the right phone number.
  • Detailed outage information. In addition to an outage map,  AEP Texas Central provides outage alerts through email or text and allows you to check the status of your outage report. AEP Texas also has resources to help you better understand how electricity outages are handled.

AEP Texas Central customers can rely on the company’s customer-centered approach to electric utilities. Whether you prefer to call an operator for your inquiries or self-serve on the web, AEP Texas Central has exactly what you’re looking for in customer service.

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