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100% Green Energy Monthly Electricity with No Contracts and No Fees

Bulb is making electricity simpler, cheaper and greener for Texas. They offer month-to-month cheap electricity plans with price security and no wholesale market risk.

About Bulb US LLC

Bulb is on a mission to help people lower their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. They offer affordable, renewable energy to Texans.

Bulb was founded in London in 2015. It grew rapidly and currently serves over 1.6 million homes and businesses in the UK, France, Spain. They are the largest provider of renewable energy plans in the UK. Bulb is also a certified B Corp and is committed to meeting rigorous standard of social and environmental responsibility.

But here’s the best part. Bulb offers…

Cheap Month to Month Electricity That’s Not Prepaid

Bulb gives Texas electricity customers everything they are looking for:

  1. Simple electricity rates. Bulb only offers one plan. It’s a basic electricity plan with energy + delivery.
  2. Price certainty. This is a variable rate plan. But, you’ll get 60 days notice of any price changes. Plenty of time to decide if you want to switch or stay, and if you decide to switch there are no cancellation fees.
  3. Price security. Everyone knows prices are higher in the summer. But Bulb will lock your price from June 1 to August 31. So whatever happens in the electricity wholesale markets, you’re protected. No price spikes.
  4. Wholesale market benefits. If prices need to go up outside of the summer rate freeze, you’ll get 2 months notice. But, if wholesale prices drop (outside the summer season), Bulb may bring your rate down.
  5. 100% renewable energy. Bulb backs all electricity with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) sourced from 100% Texas solar and Texas wind. No need to pay extra for green energy.
  6. With no contract. You can switch anytime with no penalties. No contract, no commitment on your part.
  7. And, it’s not prepaid! Most month to month electricity plans are prepaid or pay-as-you-go electricity.

The only requirements?

  • Agree to automatic credit card or debit card payments, or automatic bank draft
  • Agree to receive your bill via email

They’ll even pay your cancellation fee if you want to switch to Bulb from another provider — up to $100.

And if you don’t like Bulb and want to leave? No problem. There’s no cancellation fee, since it’s a month to month contract.

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Why We Recommend Bulb

Everyone wants a deal, right? Bulb is a solid alternative to the traditional fixed rate plan, without the risk of a subscription-based wholesale energy service.

Bulb offers cheap Texas electricity rates with 100% green energy. There’s no commitment or contract, so you can leave any time. It’s a variable month to month rate, but you’ll get 60 days notice of any rate change. Plus, they offer the extra bonus of locking your rate from June 1 to August 31, so you get price protection during the summer and can rest easy.

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