Sharyland Utilities is now part of Oncor

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • Effective January 2018, Sharyland Utilities is part of Oncor. This page provides historical information on Sharyland Utilities.

    Sharyland Utilities History

    In 2000, Hunt Consolidated Inc. developed Sharyland Plantation, a small community south of McAllen and created an independent utility, Sharyland, to serve the community’s electricity needs.

    In 2010, the Hunt’s created InfraREIT and transferred all Sharyland distribution and transmission assets into it. Sharyland Utilities leases its operating assets back from InfraREIT. This arrangement, in conjunction with increased rural rates approved by the Texas PUC, leads to some of the highest transmission charges in the state for their west and central Texas customers according to a recent article in Texas Monthly.

    In late 2017, Sharyland agreed to an asset swap with Oncor which essentially took Sharyland out of the retail electricity delivery market and turned it into a transmission entity. For more information, see the Oncor and Transition section below.

    Oncor Acquisition and Transition

    On November 9, 2017, Oncor and Sharyland closed their asset swap agreement. For details on the agreement, read The Oncor/Sharyland Deal: How Customers Will Benefit. For customers, this means that all 54,000 retail Texas Sharyland customers were transitioned to Oncor in early 2018 and received the advantage of more favorable electricity delivery rates. This includes the cities of Midland, Big Spring, Stanton, Brady, Celeste, McAllen, and Greenville. 

    Shop for a Retail Electricity Provider (REP)in Oncor

    Sharyland’s transition to Oncor also brought the advantage of a more competitive retail electricity market. Due to Sharyland’s small customer base, may REPs did not serve the Sharyland market.  Once Sharyland became part of Oncor, residents had many more REPs to pick from.

    With this power to choose also came the power to confuse. Residents in the former Sharyland area can pick from over 70 REPs, including Direct Energy, Reliant Energy, Cirro Energy, Champion Energy, Trieagle Energy, Frontier Utilities and more.

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