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Comparing the Best Prepaid Electricity Plans in Texas

If you’ve got bad credit, or if you’re just starting out in life and don’t have credit established, you’ll likely have to pay a hefty deposit with your electricity provider in order to get power to your home or apartment. Texas has another option for credit-sensitive customers – prepaid electricity plans. Prepaid electricity plans require no deposit, no credit check, and no ID, and you can get same day electricity in most cases.

Prepaid electricity plans work the same way as prepaid phone cards: you buy a certain amount of power ahead of time, and when you use it all up you buy more. Prepaid plans are not just for customers wanting to avoid a hefty deposit. Prepaid electricity plans also come with tools and alerts to help you save energy and manage the cost of electricity.

How Prepaid Electricity Works

The main difference between prepaid electricity plans and traditional electricity plans is that consumers pre-pay for the power they use. Traditional plans are post-paid meaning you pay for the power used after the fact.

Providers give prepaid electricity customers on-line tools to monitor electricity usage from day-to-day. With prepaid plans you’re more likely to monitor your usage more closely and learn ways to conserve. When you see your electricity usage in real-time, it is easier to make adjustments on the fly rather than getting a huge bill at the end of the month and being stuck.

Prepaid providers also send text or email alerts when your account starts to run low on funds. It’s important to keep your account funded in order to avoid losing power. It’s also very important to learn the different fees that your provider charges for prepaid electricity in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In Texas, electricity providers offer prepaid electricity plans for customers in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Killeen, Abilene, Galveston, Corpus Christi, Arlington, and Laredo to name a few. At you can easily shop and compare the best prepaid electricity plans available in your area from reputable providers.

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Pros and Cons of Prepaid Electricity

Like every type of electricity plan in Texas, there are advantages and disadvantages to prepaid electricity. The right choice for you depends on your budget and your lifestyle.

Some of the advantages of prepaid electricity plans are:

  • Daily monitoring tools that allow you to be more aware of your energy use
  • No contract, no deposit, no ID required
  • Same day electricity for as little as $30 in most cases

On the other hand, the disadvantages of prepaid electricity plans are:

  • More expensive $/kWh
  • Fees charged for everything from funding your account to talking to customer care

Compare Prepaid Electricity in Texas

Comparing electricity providers and plans is key to saving money in an open market, but it’s doubly true when shopping for cheap prepaid electricity.

Each prepaid electricity provider has unique fees and rates. Signing up for a plan without understanding the fine print can result in paying way more than necessary. Use the search tools at to find the cheapest prepaid electricity plans in your area. shows detailed information for each available plan, and has educational articles so that you canĀ learn more about prepaid electricity. If you think prepaid electricity is the way to go, you owe it to yourself to take the time to research the available plans. is the place to find all of the detailed information you need to make an informed decision about the best prepaid electricity plan for you.