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Reliant Truly Free Nights Review

Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Plan is one of our most popular plans offering free electricity in Texas.

Truly Free Nights is Reliant’s signature plan this year, and you’ll see it all over the TV, radio, online and on billboards. The question is, is it the plan for you?

Below, you will find a Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Plan review. We’ll also review Reliant Energy’s other electricity plans. And we’ll tell you how to compare Reliant Energy Truly Free Weekends to other Reliant plans, and plans from other retailers.

1) About the Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Plan

2) How to Make the Most of Free Electricity

3) Is the Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Plan Right for Me?

4) How Does Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Compare to Other Reliant Energy Plans?

5) How to Compare Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights  vs. Plans from Other REPs

6) Can You Shop For Me? Of Course!

About the Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Plan

The Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Plan gives you free electricity from 8pm to 6am every day. The phrase “truly free” refers to the fact that both your energy charges and your utility delivery charges per kilowatt hour (kWh) are free during this time period. Some retailers offer free energy only. The plan does still pass through 100% of your fixed monthly utility delivery charge (around $5 to $10 a month depending on where you live), but there is no base charge from Reliant.

You also receive a Google Home Hub, valued at $149. The Home Hub can help you manage your Reliant account and accomplish daily tasks, all through natural voice commands. The biggest benefit of the Home Hub is it’s ability to “talk” to other smart devices in your home, especially if you add a WiFi Smart Thermostat into the mix to help control electricity usage.

In calculating the average price per kilowatt hour, Reliant Energy assumes that you will use 42% of your power at night.  And that’s the key to making a free electricity plan work for you.

How to Make the Most of Free Electricity

Free electricity plans depend on consumer behavior to make it work. In this case, they are assuming that 42% of usage will between the hours of 8pm and 6am.

You can bet that the “typical” customer in Texas uses power exactly like this — 42% of power used during that time period. If you don’t make any changes in how you use energy, your average price per kilowatt hour will be around what they show on the Electricity Facts Label.

So in order for you to get the best deal with free electricity, you want to shift your electricity usage to the free time period.

Free nights electricity is our favorite type of free electricity plan (especially compared to free weekends) because it’s relatively easy to shift your usage to off-peak hours.

First off, you can sleep cool and comfortable and run the air conditioning all night.  That’s a big plus in Texas heat waves during the summer.  And, you can shift high electricity usage to off peak hours. Run your dishwasher and washing machine after 8pm, and have your marathon online gaming sessions all night long. Use power strips for your computer and printer and shut them off when not in use. And, unplug your phone charger when you grab your phone on the way out the door.

Is the Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Plan Right for Me?

We always emphasize how important it is to (1) understand your monthly kWh usage, and (2) read the Electricity Facts Label.  The Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Plan is no different.

The Truly Free Nights plan is best for consumers using over 1500 kWh a month. But, as we stated above, this assumes you use electricity like everyone else. If you change how and when you use electricity, you could make better use of the free power than the average consumer.

What Time is Reliant Energy Free Nights?

Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights gives you free electricity from 8pm to 6am every day.

How Does Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Compare to Other Reliant Plans?

As we said above, the 42% usage from 8pm to 6am every night is an estimate of how a typical person in Texas consumes power. If you can shift more than 42% of your usage to the free nights, you can get a lower effective price per kWh.

Below we show the Truly Free Nights vs. Secure Advantage, a standard fixed energy plan from Reliant Energy.  If you don’t want to worry about shifting your usage to the free time periods (in this case, 8pm to 6am), your best option for a Reliant Energy plan may be the Secure Advantage plan. Secure Advantage is a simple plan. You’ll pay one fixed price for your energy, and a $9.95 base in any month you use less than 800 kWh.

Monthly kWhTruly Free Nights 18 (¢/kWh)Secure Advantage 18 (¢/kWh)
Comparison of Reliant Truly Free Nights 18 vs. Secure Advantage 18 CenterPoint (Houston area) November 12, 2019

ElectricityPlans will always show a variety of Reliant Energy  plans, and the plans noted above may not always be available. We select plans based on the price offerings, product mix, and what other retailers are offering. We work to post the best electricity plans for your area.

Ready to sign up? Call Reliant Energy toll free at 1-833-302-3650. Or enter your zip code at the top of this page to shop all Reliant Energy plans.

How to Compare Reliant Energy Truly Free Nights Plan vs. Plans from Other REPs

Like we said above, the two most important things to know when shopping for electricity are:

  1. Know your usage
  2. Read the Electricity Facts Label.

Here’s why that’s important.

Know Your Usage.  It’s important to know your usage because it impacts your effective rate.  Your usage will be different month to month. And when folks guess their usage, they usually under or over estimate it. We recommend that you go online to your current account and download your usage history.

Read the Electricity Facts Label.  Once you know your usage, shopping is easy. You just need to review the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). The EFL will show you the average price at three common Texas usage levels — 500, 1000 and 2000 kWh. Remember these prices are what you would pay if you use exactly that much electricity in a given month. These average price calculations are not the fixed rate. The energy rate is the fixed rate. Always review the EFL details for the plan you are considering.

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