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GoodCharlie - Great Rates, Vet Care Benefits for Your Pets and Donations to Rescues

GoodCharlie is a new breed of Texas electricity company. Their mission? Use power for the benefit of doing good in the community. Specifically, to benefit pet owners and pet rescues in Texas.

About GoodCharlie Energy

GoodCharlie was founded by energy veterans. While working at another energy company, they thought, “What if we could create a company where the focus is helping dogs. And electricity just happens to be the way we achieve that?” And so GoodCharlie was born.

They’re a Houston-based Texas electricity company that gives back to animal rescue. But more than that, they also provide valuable benefits to pet owners in Texas, at absolutely no cost to customers. All while offering excellent low fixed rates.

GoodCharlie Pack Benefits

Normally at this point, we would tell you about this electricity company’s excellent rates and plans. But first, we want to highlight why GoodCharlie is the best electricity company for animal lovers.

As a customer, aka “Pack Member,” you’ll receive these free Pack Benefits:

  • GoodCharlie Video Vet. Unlimited 24/7 instant virtual access to licensed veterinarians. Have a big pack? You’ll get coverage for up to 5 pets (dogs and cats).
  • GoodCharlie Emergency Fund. Up to $750 in emergency vet services per household annually. You can use that toward any of your up to 5 pets. As with any medical coverage, there are some details to review on what is and isn’t covered, and you need to talk to a video vet first for authorization. But still. Wow!
  • Roundup for Rescues. GoodCharlie rounds up every customer bill, and donates the proceeds to local dog rescue groups. If your bill is $100.05? They donate 95¢ to rescue. All out of their pocket, not yours. But, you can opt-in to round up too, and match their donation. That makes your impact even bigger!

GoodCharlie’s Roundup for Rescues programs supports Houston Pets Alive! and Dallas Pets Alive! But they also donate separately to dozens of other organizations across Texas. And they are always looking to add more rescues to the list!

Shop GoodCharlie Electric Rates

Here are GoodCharlie energy electric rates that you can compare when you are shopping for electricity for your home. These rates are for Oncor (Dallas/Fort Worth area) and CenterPoint (Houston). Click the plan link or enter your zip below to see energy rates near you.

GoodCharlie Electricity Rates – Oncor (Dallas/Fort Worth Metro)

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
GoodCharlie GoodEnergy 36 36 14.6 ¢
GoodCharlie GoodEnergy 24 24 14.7 ¢
GoodCharlie GoodEnergy 12 12 14.8 ¢

GoodCharlie Electricity Rates – CenterPoint (Houston)

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
GoodCharlie GoodEnergy 36 36 15.6 ¢
GoodCharlie GoodEnergy 24 24 15.7 ¢
GoodCharlie GoodEnergy 12 12 15.8 ¢

Shop GoodCharlie Energy Rates Near You

GoodCharlie Electricity Plans

GoodCharlie offers simple fixed rate Texas electricity plans. Your electricity price per kWh won’t change for the term of your agreement.

  • GoodEnergy is their basic fixed rate electricity plan. You can get GoodEnergy 12, GoodEnergy 24 or GoodEnergy 36 month plans.
  • GoodGreen is their 100% renewable energy plan. This plan is backed with green energy RECs to offset your usage. You can get GoodGreen 12, GoodGreen 24 or GoodGreen 36 month plans.

All of their electricity plans have a base charge of $4.95 per month. This fee, plus the cost of energy and delivery is included in their average price per kWh. Electronic billing is required for all plans.

And the most important part is, no matter which electricity plan you sign up for, you get all of GoodCharlie’s Pack Benefits including unlimited 24/7 virtual vet consultation and a $750 emergency vet fund. Plus the Roundup for Rescues, where they round-up your bill and donate the difference to a local rescue, at no cost to you.

Customer Service

You can get customer service from GoodCharlie through online chat, email and phone.

  • Customer Service Phone Number: GoodCharlie’s customer service number is 800-241-0742.
  • Customer Service Email: If you prefer to email instead of call, just email care@goodcharlie.com
  • Customer Service Chat: For multi-tasking convenience, you can’t beat chat. You can reach them at www.goodcharlie.com
Who is Charlie?

Good Charlie is actually a good boi! He’s an F1B Goldendoodle, owned by one of GoodCharlie’s founders! He even has his own Instagram, @IAmGoodCharlie. Charlie likes long walks, belly rubs, cool swims, yummy treats, and helping dogs less fortunate than him.
GoodCharlie Energy Mascot

Electricity Bill Pay

Want to pay your GoodCharlie bill? Call 800-241-0742 to make a payment over the phone. Or log in to your GoodCharlie account online.

Corporate Office Location

GoodCharlie is a Houston electricity company offering service throughout the deregulated markets of Texas. Their offices are in the Galleria area of Houston.

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