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Bulb Energy Texas Review

Looking for a month to month cheap Texas electricity plan? You’ve found it!

Bulb is a variable rate month to month electricity plan. Your rate will change every month, based on the wholesale market rates. Here’s our Bulb Energy Texas Review.

Bulb is no longer operating in the US. Green Mountain Energy has acquired their customer account. If you are a Bulb customer, please check your email or mail for additional information about your new supplier. You can view other options for month to month electricity plans online.

Our recommendation for the best month to month electricity rates is Energy Texas.

So, we’re not trying to bait and switch you with our headline. But with Bulb not accepting new enrollments, Energy Texas is the best month to month rate in Texas. The rest of this article will focus on their offering.

Why Try A Variable Month to Month Plan

We usually recommend fixed price plans for our customers. Because summer electricity pricing in Texas is risky business. Most of the electricity used at home is for your A/C. And when it gets hot in Texas, the electricity usage cranks up — and so do prices. A fixed rate plan gives you price certainty and protection against summer price increases.

But here’s the reality.

If you are willing to take a little bit of risk, you can get a lot of reward in the fall, winter and early spring months. That’s because wholesale prices in Texas are only really high in the summer, reflecting higher demand. The other eight months of the year, wholesale prices in Texas are low.

And with more solar and wind generation (and utility-scale battery storage) being built every day, wholesale prices may drop even lower in the off-season.

Here are variable month to month electricity rates in Texas. As you can see, Energy Texas is the clear winner when it comes to rates. These prices are for Oncor (Dallas/Fort Worth) but you can enter your zip code to shop for electricity rates near you.

Variable Month to Month Electricity Rates

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
TXU Energy Flex Forward 1 16.5 ¢

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