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First Choice Power Gives Texas Electricity Customers A Variety of Plans Including Prepaid Electricity

First Choice Power is a Texas-based energy company with a deep commitment to serving the people of Texas. First Choice was acquired by Direct Energy in 2011 making it part of one of the largest retail energy providers of electricity in North America. First Choice Power prides itself in providing customers with low electricity rates, a variety of electricity plan options including Power-To-Go® prepaid plans, and friendly customer service.

The Texas Electricity Company That Fits Your Needs

For Texas customers, First Choice Power is a popular choice for those seeking added flexibility, convenience and a simplified approach to energy usage and plans. First Choice Power customers enjoy the power to choose approach, opting for a variety of billing and plan options, from fixed-rate to month-to-month to prepaid electricity plans.

Deregulation has been a welcome change for many Texas electricity customers, especially those who are looking to pick and choose from among a variety of plan and pricing options. First Choice Power is a provider that offers many Texas homes exactly what they are looking for in electricity-related products and services.

Choose An Energy Company With Deep Texas Roots

Founded in 2000 as the retail electricity division of Texas-New Mexico Power and acquired by Direct Energy in 2011, First Choice serves Texas homes with dedication and a true desire to make energy as easy to use and pay for as possible.

  • Looking to lower your energy bill? First Choice wants to help.
  • Want to make sure your plan is right for you? First Choice can help.
  • Need a Prepaid Electricity Plan? First Choice has Power To Go® (formerly Direct Energy Power To Go®).
  • Something on your bill confuses you? Again, just ask—and you’ll get the help you need!

Based in Houston, First Choice is a supplier of electricity to customers who welcome the power to choose throughout the state of Texas. As a Texas energy company, First Choice puts customers first—and it shows.

First Choice Power Is A Texas Energy Provider Focused On Choice, Affordability, And Ease Of Use

First Choice Power is committed to making energy easy to understand and manage for its Texas-based customers. With convenience and hassle-free options including prepaid electricity with no credit check or deposit with the Power to Go® plans, and opportunities to use tools such as text or email to keep up with your account balance, First Choice is a trustworthy, credible source for electricity for many Texans.

From simplified enrollment to comprehensive usage tracking to managing bill payments, First Choice uses a straightforward approach centered around reliability, convenience, and trust.