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MP2 Energy - Renewable, Solar Buyback and EV Charging Electricity Plans

MP2 Energy is not a name that easily comes to mind when you are looking for residential electricity companies in Texas. What’s an MP? And why do I want two of them? But it’s a company and a name with a long heritage in Texas electricity, and a management team with years of experience in renewable energy and innovation.

Here’s why you should consider MP2 Energy for your EV charging plan, 100% renewable energy plan or your solar buyback electricity plan.

About MP2 Energy

MP2 Energy is a subsidiary of Shell Energy North America, and is an electricity company in based in Houston. Their primary focus is commercial energy solutions — including retail electricity, renewable energy, demand response and asset management.

Their residential electricity plans piggy-back on their knowledge of renewables and green energy. Their Texas residential electricity plans are 100% green energy from Texas renewable resources, such as solar and wind power. They focus on two unique opportunities in the Texas market: Electric Vehicle Charging Program and Renewable Energy Plans.

MP2 Energy’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program

MP2 Energy’s EV Charging Program is one of the first EV plans in Texas. Since most drivers do 80% of their EV charging at home, it’s important to get the best electricity plan for your electric vehicle.

The EV Charging Program offers a time of use electricity plan. You’ll get free electricity from midnight to 3am daily, both weekdays and weekends. Schedule your EV to charge during that time period and you have free electricity for your EV.

During all other times, you’ll have a competitive fixed electricity rate that’s backed with 100% renewable energy. It’s the best of both worlds — free electricity to charge your EV, and green energy for your home.

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MP2 Energy Solar Buyback Plan

If you have rooftop solar, you’ll want a solar buyback plan, also known as net metering. MP2 Energy will give you credit for your excess solar power generation. You can make money selling power back to the grid!

MP2’s solar buyback plan gives you a fixed energy rate that’s affordable for your nighttime usage (or when the sun doesn’t shine).

And you get a bill credit for your excess power generation equal to the load-zone settlement price for all real-time excess generation from your approved solar meter.

If the math on that sounds scary… it could be scary good.

The Texas real time settlement point price changes every 15 minutes based on supply and demand. If you’re able to curb your demand during peak usage hours, and sell that onto the grid? That’s bank.

And since you’re in it for the long-haul with your solar panels, MP2’s solar buyback plans are 24 months long. That lets you secure an affordable electricity rate for your off-peak electricity.

You may also be interested in battery storage options. MP2 can work with you to install a solar-integrated battery storage system. That will let you store power for your night-time usage.

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MP2 Energy 100% Renewable Plan

Not ready for a solar panel on your roof but want to help the environment? MP2 manages multiple solar and wind facilities in Texas and has access to regionally-sourced wind and solar in addition to renewable energy certificates. You can sign up for their 100% Renewable Plan and feel good about buying green energy that’s competitively priced.

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