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Veteran Energy: Great Electricity Service for All Texans + Support for Veterans

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • Veteran Energy began in 2010 with the idea that an energy company could do more than just provide low electricity rates and exceptional customer care. The company wanted to give back to our country’s biggest heroes—our veterans, military members and their families.

    Military Discount Electricity Plans

    First up, the biggest benefit of Veteran Energy: a military discount for electricity. And it’s not just one plan — it’s all of their plans.

    Pick any plan you want. During enrollment, just click “Military Identification Verification.” You’ll enter your military ID, brand and status (active duty, reserve, veteran).

    And you’ll automatically get a discounted rate. You’ll see your military discount on electricity as a separate line item on your bill!

    Even if you aren’t military, you can choose Veteran Energy. They have great rates AND they support veterans.

    Veteran Energy Electricity Rates in Dallas/Fort Worth (Oncor)

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Veteran Energy Valor 24 24 14.5 ¢
    Veteran Energy Select 24 24 17.7 ¢

    Veteran Energy Electricity Rates in Houston (CenterPoint)

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Veteran Energy Valor 24 24 14.2 ¢
    Veteran Energy Select 24 24 17.7 ¢

    Electricity Rates That Support Veterans

    As a part of Veteran Energy, you have a chance to help support veterans, military members and their families. Signing up means you get to choose which of their trusted Affinity Partners they give a portion of your monthly bill to.

    Current Affinity partner charities include:

    • Paws for Heroes
    • Fisher House
    • Combined Arms
    • Lone Survivor Foundation
    • Texas VFW Foundation

    Can’t choose which one to benefit? Your bill will still benefit military families.

    Your bill will contribute to the Veteran Energy General Fund. These funds have gone toward causes ranging from providing comfort kits to children with active-duty family members through Comfort Crew for Military Kids, to hurricane relief, to building homes for veterans through Habitat for Humanity.

    Veteran Energy truly puts their money where their mouth is.

    Veteran Energy Short and Long Term Plans

    Along with great military discount rates and support for veterans, Veteran Energy offers a range of electricity plans for your home. Whether you want a great rate on a month to month electricity plan, want a plan that fits your usage, or want a longer term 2-year plan, Veteran Energy has options for you.

    Valor 12, Valor 24, and Valor 36 electricity plans offer a $50 bill credit when you monthly electricity usage exceeds 1000 kWh.

    Select 24 and Select 36 are straight forward, well-priced electricity plans that offer rate security for all levels of monthly kWh electricity usage.

    Veteran Energy Satisfaction Guarantee

    There are a lot of energy choices out there, and Veteran Energy wants to make sure you are happy with the plan you select.

    Decide this plan isn’t the right one for you? Call them within 60 days of enrollment. If they can’t find a plan that’s right for you, they’ll even let you out of your contract — penalty free.

    Upon cancellation, you will be responsible for paying for the electricity you have used, but they’ll waive your early cancellation fee.

    That’s their way of taking the worry out of choosing them as your electricity company.

    Veteran Energy isn’t the only provider offering a satisfaction guarantee. Check our list of other electricity companies with satisfaction guarantee.

    Easier Than Your Average Electricity Provider

    Throughout Texas, Veteran Energy customers enjoy great electricity rates and exceptional U.S.-based customer care. But signing on means you also get easy energy management that helps you save time and money.

    Veteran Energy offers several convenient payment plans. And accessing your account online or through the company’s thoughtfully designed mobile app lets you pay your bill, tailor plans and services and view your account balance and usage reports at any time of the day or night. They offer cash payment options with Fidelity Express as well.

    Bill payment assistance is available from Veteran Energy. They offer paperless billing, too, which is great for the planet and keeping mailbox clutter down. And their autopay feature lets you relax and never have to think twice about ever missing a payment.

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