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Find The Cheapest Electricity Rates In Houston (2019 Update)

Looking for the cheapest electricity rates in Houston? You’re not alone. Searches for best electricity rates, cheap energy rates, cheapest electricity plans are trending in Houston.

But finding cheap electricity is harder than you think.

The Power to Choose site and most energy shopping sites are full of electricity rates that are difficult to compare. That’s because of things like introductory rates, bill credits, narrow usage levels, unexpected fees, and legalese buried in the Electricity Facts Label.

You may think you have the cheapest electricity rate in Houston, only to find out it was a gimmick. That’s why we created ElectricityPlans.com

Here’s how to find cheap electricity rates in Houston.

Finding the Cheapest Electricity for Houston Area Residents

Instead of shopping individual sites and getting overwhelmed by trying to find the right electricity rate comparisons, use ElectricityPlans.com to find your electricity rate.

Here are current cheap electricity rate plans in Houston. And below we review different factors that impact your electricity rate.

Cheap Electricity Plans in Houston (CenterPoint)

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Smart 36 36 8.2 ¢
Frontier Utilities Straight Power 12 12 8.4 ¢
Pulse Power Texas Smart 12 12 8.7 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Budget Saver 12 12 8.9 ¢
Gexa Energy Gexa Saver Premium 12 12 9.6 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Generous Saver Plus 12 12 9.8 ¢
TriEagle Energy Eagle 36 36 10.3 ¢
Think Energy Think Simple 24 24 10.3 ¢
Discount Power Wise Buy® Complete 12 12 10.4 ¢
TriEagle Energy Eagle 24 24 10.5 ¢
TriEagle Energy Green Eagle 36 36 10.6 ¢
Pulse Power Texas Fixed 36 36 10.7 ¢

Shop Cheap Electricity Rates in Houston (Centerpoint)

Average Electricity Usage – How It Impacts Rate

Knowing how much electricity you use each month is important to finding the cheapest electricity plan.

Electricity suppliers commonly advertise their electric rates associated with the highest (2000 kWh) usage levels since those tend to be the lowest rates.

ElectricityPlans lets you easily compare electricity plans by displaying all-inclusive rates at 500, 1000 or 2000 kWh per month. Plus you can easily estimate your actual all-in electric bill at any given usage level using our Plan Details and Pricing section for each plan.

All energy charges, delivery fees, bill credits, and other fees for each plan are shown so you can accurately estimate your monthly electric bill.

Electricity Plans Pricing Details

By showing all rates and fees, you’ll avoid the electric bill sticker shock and so-called “teaser rates” commonly used by electric suppliers to achieve better search results on sites such as powertochoose.org.

Find your specific usage levels by simply looking back at previous electric bills and finding the kWh used. To avoid electric bill surprises during the peak summer months, you’ll need to accurately know your highest electricity usage which typically occurs in August.

If you don’t know your average usage or your highest usage, you may end up paying more than you expect. That cheap electricity rate may not be that cheap! This can occur if you shop for an electric rate based on a higher usage level than you actually use. You’ll expect one average price only to see a different average price.

What’s the Best Plan Type for Cheap Electricity?

Should you choose a short-term, long-term, month-to-month, or prepaid plan? The short answer: it depends on your specific needs.

How long do you anticipate living at your location? Are you deciding in the peak season (summer in Houston) or off season?

All electricity providers in Houston offer a broad selection of plans for different contract lengths. Many also offer month-to-month and prepaid electricity plans.

The bottom line is that everyone’s needs are different and all contract term lengths offer advantages and disadvantages.

See Understanding Electricity Plan Types: Fixed, Variable, and Indexed for more.

Fixed-rate plans provide a level of certainty and stability in your energy charge since the price will not fluctuate over the life of your contract. If prices suddenly spike, you are protected because your rate is locked in. The flip side is that if rates drop over the life of your contract, you’ll be stuck paying the higher rate. You can incur cancellation fees if you change electricity plans or providers before the end of your contract term.

Month-to-month electricity plans, on the other hand, provide more flexibility since you can change plans easily and are not locked into a long-term contract. This comes with a price, of course, since electricity rates tend to be the highest and fluctuate the most for month-to-month plans.

Prepaid electricity plans are yet another option available to Texas customers. Prepaid plans let you avoid credit checks and deposits by pre-paying for your electricity. Prepaid electricity plans typically do not have a fixed duration and operate on a pay-as-you-go basis. Shopping for prepaid electricity can often yield relatively cheap electricity with no deposit. See Prepaid Electricity: Is It Right For Me? for more.

Electricity Plan Features

ElectricityPlans makes shopping for electricity plans simple and intuitive. We give you the search tools you need to narrow your electricity plan search to specific contract lengths. In addition, you can use advanced search to narrow the search for the perfect electricity plan even further by searching for 100% renewable, prepaid plans, or electricity + extra stuff, for example. We also show each plan’s popularity over the past 30 days so you know what other electricity shoppers have selected.

Search Electricity Plans in Houston Area

Contract Term – Impact on Electricity Rate

Electric bills for customers in the Houston area can more than double in summer months, mainly because air conditioning. Not coincidentally, electric rates also rise in the summer months because of this increase in demand. The most dramatic rate increases occur in month-to-month plans. But you will also see fixed rate contract offers increase in the summer months.

To skirt the late summer electricity rate hikes, a little bit of planning can really pay off.

Try to avoid signing new long-term electricity contracts in late summer. While it may be impossible to escape signing a new electricity contract if you’re moving during that time, just know that a short-term plan may make more sense until the rates go back down in the fall.  That way you’re not stuck paying a premium rate for an entire year or more.

Electricity Rate Price Trend

At ElectricityPlans, many of the plans display charts that show historical pricing over the previous 12 months. This chart can be used to help you predict future electricity rate fluctuations and time your contract to lock in the best electricity rate possible.

TIP: Don’t be caught out of contract in the summer months. If your contract has expired, you are paying the month to month electricity rate. That’s bad. Don’t know if you’re in a contract? Look at your bill and search for words like flex rate, variable rate, or month to month rate. Then shop asap for a new electricity plan.

Houston, Find Your Best Cheap Electricity Plan

At ElectricityPlans, we’re here to do one thing – help you find the best electricity plan to fit your needs. We are big advocates of electricity competition and your power to choose your own electricity provider. ElectricityPlans offers completely unbiased electricity plan reviews and display accurate, transparent pricing to take the guesswork out of choosing your electricity plan.

We have taken the legwork out of shopping for plans by providing the most straight-forward electricity shopping experience anywhere. We show you the best deals from the most respected, reputable providers in Houston. Our providers offer great electricity rates and provide a consistently high level of customer satisfaction. Our customers regularly report huge savings on their electric bills.

To get started, enter your zip code to find the cheapest rates on electricity in the greater Houston area.

Want to learn more about electricity shopping?  Read our Definitive Guide to Shopping for Electricity in Texas.