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Looking for the best electricity plans for Tomball? Or cheap Tomball electricity? What’s the difference, anyway? However you decide, Electricity Plans will help you shop for the best energy rates and the cheapest plans for your lights.

Best Electricity Plans in Tomball

Electricity Plans only works with a select number of retail electricity providers that we consider the best light companies. These are companies that have highly ranked customer service, a variety of electric plans, flexible billing and payment options, and great low rates for electricity.

Of course, price is an important component of finding the best electricity plan for your home, and you want to find the cheapest plan that is the best fit with your usage.

Below, we rank the best electricity plans for the Tomball area (Centerpoint delivery area) based on pricing. These rates reflect the latest prices and are up to date 24/7.

Compare Best Cheap Electricity Plans in Tomball TX

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Smart 36 36 8.2 ¢
Frontier Utilities Straight Power 12 12 8.4 ¢
Pulse Power Texas Smart 12 12 8.7 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Budget Saver 12 12 8.9 ¢
Gexa Energy Gexa Saver Premium 12 12 9.6 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Generous Saver Plus 12 12 9.8 ¢
TriEagle Energy Eagle 36 36 10.3 ¢
Think Energy Think Simple 24 24 10.3 ¢
Discount Power Wise Buy® Complete 12 12 10.4 ¢
TriEagle Energy Eagle 24 24 10.5 ¢

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Best Electricity for 1 Bedroom Apartment in Tomball

The prices above are based on a customer using 2000 kWh a month. But if you have a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in Tomball, you may be using less than that.

A typical 1 bedroom apartment will use 750 to 1000 kWh a month. It’s important to shop for electricity based on how much you will use each month. Otherwise you may get the “electric bill surprise” something that no one wants.

We know you want to save money on your bills. So here are the best cheap electricity plans for a 1 bedroom apartment:

Best Cheap Apartment Electricity in Tomball

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Saver 12 12 7.2 ¢
Chariot Energy Chariot Energy GridEdge 12 12 7.4 ¢
Frontier Utilities Easy Bill 12 12 7.9 ¢
Gexa Energy Gexa Saver Supreme 12 12 7.9 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Free Energy 12 12 8.0 ¢
Gexa Energy Gexa Saver 12 12 8.4 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Easy Saver 12 12 8.5 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Budget Saver 12 12 8.9 ¢
Gexa Energy Gexa Saver Select 12 12 9.9 ¢

Shop Best Cheap Electricity for Apartments in Tomball

Looking for tips to lower your apartment electricity bill? We have great articles on how to keep your electricity usage low, to manage your bill.

No Deposit Electricity in Tomball

When you are moving into your new apartment or new rental home, you have a lot of expenses for decorations, furniture, moving and security deposits. The last thing you need is to have to pay a deposit for your electricity.

But, if you have a credit score under 600, your electricity company may require a deposit up to two months of your estimated electricity bills. That’s a lot of money! And, you won’t get that deposit back until you’ve had 12 months of on-time payments.

Instead, if you need no deposit electricity, we recommend a prepaid electricity plan. A prepaid electricity plan offers electricity with no deposit and no credit check.

Simply pre-pay a portion of your electricity up front, as little at $29 to start. When you get to a certain level of money in your account (usually 3-5 days of service remaining) your service provider will charge a new “refill” to your credit card.

The best prepaid electricity plan in Tomball is Payless Power SmarTricity Premier 12, a fixed price prepaid electricity plan. You’ll be protected from rate increases for a full year. And, you’ll be building your credit history. Sign up now by calling 1-866-934-3451, or shop all prepaid plans.

Best Business Electricity Plans in Tomball (Centerpoint Area)

Business owners can also shop for commercial electricity rates for their Tomball small business. We make it easy to compare rates and find the best business electricity supplier. Rates shown here are for electricity only, and more rates are available online.

Have a larger business? We can help with custom energy quotes. See our business electricity center for more information and to shop for rates.

Compare Business Electricity Rates in Tomball

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Veteran Energy Veteran Energy 48 Months 48 5.60 ¢
Infinite Energy Infinite Energy 48 Months 48 5.67 ¢
Reliant Energy Reliant Business Power Plus 60 60 5.7 ¢
Veteran Energy Veteran Energy 36 Months 36 5.76 ¢
Infinite Energy Infinite Energy 36 Months 36 5.84 ¢
Reliant Energy Reliant Business Power Plus 48 48 5.9 ¢
Pulse Power Pulse Power 30 Months 30 5.98 ¢
Reliant Energy Reliant Business Power Plus 36 36 6.1 ¢
Infinite Energy Infinite Energy 24 Months 24 6.11 ¢

Smart Electricity Shopping

Along with the best electricity plans that are available in Tomball, ElectricityPlans has built an extensive library of advice for electricity buyers.

No matter if you need help reading an EFL or simply don’t understand the difference between a variable rate plan and a fixed rate plan, you’ll find the answers you need.

Why waste time decoding the fine print on hundreds of electricity plans? Dig deeper into ElectricityPlans.com and get your new electricity plan quickly and easily.

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